Intriguing battle downunder

12:18: It’s over: 81 Rich v Gee 50: there it is.  Team of chaos beat our aging team of control.  Analysis in a day or so.  It does interconnect but I’m not saying a word now, today. Onto the next job.

12:15: They’re winning by a fair margin, eases the pain in a way.

11:54: During last qtr 60:44. Hmmmm.

11:38: 3 qtr time: 46 Rich v Gee 44.

10:50: Half time: 20 Rich v Gee 35.

10:15: Qtr time: 13 Rich v Gee 14.

09:37: The flagship event in Oz is about to kick off [09:33 here] – the AFL Grand Final, this year in Brisbane due to Covid.  It’s at the Gabba.

Last report said heavy rain, which favours the Tigers’ chaos game, rather than the Cats’ point and precision game.  Plus I suspect the reigning premiers, the Tigers, are just too strong.  We shall see.

This post will not be live blogging in the sense that I’ll follow the action but it will be a couple of updates now and then, plus a final summary in three hours or so.

Reason I won’t follow the action is my ‘kiss of death’ kaibosh I put on the Catters, so I promised my friends I’d not get involved during the game.


This was scheduled last evening before dropping off but this morning, I saw Andy’s comment, then Toodles’s and at the same time, I was planning the post you’ll see at 10:30 a.m. which, uncannily, ties in. I swear it was not planned that way, quite amazing how things occur and even give a blogger a theme for the day.

Try these

1. Which man changed the high jump forever?
2. Casablanca’s Sam – instrument in real life?
3. Significance of Semisopochnoi?
4. Anti-bacterial metal?
5. Rubies and sapphires related in composition?
6. What’s the Wilhelm scream?
7. Who was Johnny Weissmuller’s Jane?

How far back do you remember?

For me, earliest probably our olive green living room carpet, drapes. Also being sat on ironing board, a fold down wooden door of a cupboard. Bakerlite radio knob I pulled off and only time ever smacked. Twin stone washtubs with wringer between in laundry. Inside loo, one of the first.

Clear memory of playpen on front porch, I’m halfway along house side (inside pen), dragged myself up, aunty midway adjacent side, beckons, I let go rail and stagger across. First steps I think. Why a pen? Was I likely to do a runner?

Last early memory aerodrome but not commercial, end of hangar, father not happy I want pushing in pushchair, let the little bgr walk, he tells my mum. Late 2 years old.

When you tell yours, it can’t be from a photo or reminder from someone. Needs to be a bona fide memory. For example, I’ve seen shots of me seated, crablike, in our driveway. Can’t quote it for that reason.