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The Russians are no dumbies

Cultural fest today and tomorrow. My Russian mate last night sent this: Interestingly [for me only], I understood much of it but less of what the gals were singing, got the general idea. You could get most of it too.

Serious music

Via Chuckles, the vaccine song: Lily the Pink Classic: Hello muddah, hello faddah Alt-novelty: Ullo John, got new motor?

Some other Friday things

Requiem for a Dead Cat Someone taketh the p***: The Bishop of Burnley is a boor and a curmudgeon and of far less use to the church than this cat. — JuliaM (@AmbushPredator) October 30, 2020

Rock on, Bobby Ball

Cannon and Ball, with Jill Gascoine Their first TV appearance was in 1974 in the variety show The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club before landing a performance on Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night, although their segment didn’t make it to…


You have to feel sorry for her…Almost.😂🤣 — Don Purser 🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@DGPurser) October 23, 2020 This was scheduled last evening before dropping off but this morning, I saw Andy’s comment, then Toodles’s and at the same time, I was…