Tuesday too

16.  Open letter to readers

Need to have a word with any readers who might be a bit more than despondent. Any real Christian is not, faithless ones are. But there’s another type of reader here too, not religious, quite sceptical, has a sense of humour, quite strong people in him and herself, patriots, respecting our heritage etc.

This section is not for you – you already have coping mechanisms.

I’ve read though, this noon, some near suicidal things from bloggers, tweeters and readers which disturb me because there were overtones of Captain Ranty, Ross Fountain and Raedwald.  And some of the ladies are so on edge, it’s worrying.

Peeps, this is precisely what they’re aiming for. If we want to stick it up ’em, Corporal Jones like, then I’m seriously suggesting we just stay calm and carry on – they don’t know how to handle us not folding into quivering wrecks. Simply out of sheer bloodymindedness, just make a mental note that theirs is coming.

Thanks by the way to the chaps in the comments thread, am still [13:14] cooking up lunch and putting things away, shall read all that early afternoon.  Lovely weather out there. Not.

15.  US election 2

14.  US election 1

One nice thing was Waters going beserk at blacks – she’ll “never forgive them for this”. Like it. Must be going badly for her.

13.  If you’re voting

12.  What ee sed below

11.  Child against parent

… brother against brother. It’s here, people. Can’t find the article now but it was about kids in America ‘unparenting’ their parents for voting Trump. In days gone by, it would have been shortlived, now they are adopted by the state, set up in a house and paid fortnightly.

If some readers cannot see the parallels with biblical warnings, then they will never see what’s going down.

10.  Test and trace a fiasco

9.  Just back from the panic buying

Far more worrying than the refusal to recognise my card at the supermarket was the attitude and treatment at the bank just minutes before. Supermart good, Bank bad. Obviously can’t go into that online but suffice it to say that they’re in panic mode in that bank and are simply getting things wrong. Make sure you have a passbook a/c as well as whatever else you have. Again, this is down to Johnson and his bosses.

If I did not have alternative ways, let’s call them that, then after this morning, I’d have been totally [as they say in Yorkshire] fooooked. Next door’s son, BTW, has been racking up purchases on his father’s card. This leads to the next point, skip N10 and go to N11.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku where applicable]

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13 comments for “Tuesday too

  1. James, I commented last night about my search for recent suicide data for the UK. I do hope you don’t think that I am in any way suicidal, slightly despondent and that’s all. My concern is for those whom you mention above, those who do not have the anchor of faith. Like everyone I have my good moments and my bad ones. Above all else I really do want to sick around to see how all this pans out. We are living in truly momentous times, to leave the theater now would be a betrayal of the God given ticket to the show.

    • It’s much easier for us atheists: we don’t have an ‘anchor of faith’.

      We don’t have to worry why our omnipotent God is allowing all this rubbish to happen.

      Does anyone reap the whirlwind these days? No. Our betters can do what they wish with us with complete impunity. No god, pope or archbishop intervenes.

  2. 12: some of those ‘nurses’ are obese, so maybe ‘dancing’ will improve their health. The poor mites need something to occupy them, while they wait and wait and wait for the expected rush which will, of course, not materialise.

    • Apart from all of the conflicting so called evidence I look to my own experience. In the last few winters I have attended no less than four funerals and missed many more. All from the bowls community which is older than the general population. Since the introduction of the deadly virus I have missed only one. The various associations, club, county, district and national, are good at sending out emails when someone passes away. There have been few this year. There is a stench of bs around and we know where it’s coming from.

      Maybe the nhs is so bad that not receiving their attentions is life preserving.

  3. 16. Ta for that. Fear and despondency takes over if we let it. Felt it meself over the weekend and had to have a quiet word with meself to snap out of it. Cure which works for me – detach from PC, don suitable clothing – waterproof at the mo – and go outside. Nearer to God in a garden and all that. As Andy said, we have front row seats and were put here at this time for a reason. We shall prevail.

    Seeing those tweets Ripper left above – Science Based Med pointing out Bodger et al’s faulty projections and Egyptian Prez’s criticism of the ‘appy snackbar mob and some other ME potentate condemning the recent terrorism in France is also encouraging. More of that is vey welcome.

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