The discovery of Susanna Hoffs

The interconnections between people, particularly in music, are sometimes eyeopening.

For example, pre-Bangles [1980], Susanna Hoffs [Jan ’59] and David Roback [Apr ’58] were both a musical and romantic item in the Paisley Underground.

You might ask David who? Well he was the guitarist who went on to be the early driving force of 90s group Mazzy Star [1989]:

… and he and Hope Sandoval [Jun ’66] were both a musical and romantic item as well. But that’s not the end of it.

Roback was a driving force in the Paisley Underground … and one of the main fans of the Bangles and Susanna Hoffs at that time was Hope Sandoval whom Susanna Hoffs snuck into their performances, though Sandoval was underage.

The Bangles coincided with the time I call my “family life” and were quite often played around our way:

Which was interesting to me because those lyrics above were mentioned to me more than once as applying to the situation of WN2 and myself and indeed I’ve been told that again recently.  There were two similarities as well between SH and my ex-beloved.

The fundamental interconnectedness of all things, eh?

The only other thing about the Susanna Hoffs interview above is that it was posted on November 6th, 2020. Think about that one for a moment.

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