Sunday too

Here we sit this Sunday morning and some things are better, most not. From N.O.’s point of view, it’s good for ‘us’, not ‘me’, to present development after development, e.g. Michael Yeadon’s talk on bitchute which is below in another post but it also needs a pause for breath to take it all in, plus some analysis.

Across the pond, DJT was elected on the basis he would boost the US economy [assuming a level playing field] and drain the swamp. To him, they were not idle words. But then we saw what happened.

Possibly the greatest thing he’s done, other than return to policies of sanity, is expose the corrupt.  Not just corruption per se but who the bstds are and here’s one right now:

Hot air from Sidney?  Bravado?  Well, we can’t run dozens of screenshots here but what it boils down to is that the Obama legacy judge ruled the count can be confirmed but Gov Kemp has backtracked on that and said it is not official, it’s not over.  Interesting eh?  No prizes for which bit of that the MSM runs with.

Let’s stick with US matters for now and then go to our own. In no particular order:

Analysis follows at 11 a.m. in Still Sunday.  There’ll then be a music post on Susana Hoffs at 13:00, then a break until evening and all that jazz.

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