Still Sunday

To summarise US events:

Not a lot we can do this fallow weekend where not a lot new is developing but if it does, we’ll post it.  However, it’s easy to see the lie of the land – legacy, holdover judges holding out, a scared SCOTUS under heavy pressure, Sidney on her big promise, Tucker Carlson exposed in many people’s eyes in the DJT base and others too, good pundits silenced.

Let’s move onto British events:

Don’t know why this is an issue – we have it up further down in one of the posts and I could watch the speech.  It just said what we all know that the whole govt ‘take’ on viruses and Covid in particular is wrong and he says why.  If you can’t access it, then during the week I’ll do a rundown on the main points.  Meanwhile:

Situation of course is far worse here with that psychopath Hancock and all this mandatory hold the person down and no health passport thing, plus this from Plod:

Lara Logan and Sean Kehoe, either side of the pond, spell out the essential dilemma we all face:

With great respect to both – did Them ever care about our lives?  And it is a fairly new thing for us to go on about the people being sovereign when those crims in parliament and congress have a diametrically opposite opinion that Parliament is sovereign, not the people voting the clowns in.

Wrong of course but it’s been the official way a long time.

And the internet has caused a lot of ‘trouble’ for Them in the cross-fertilisation of ideas.  The whole attitude we have is just not on according to Them but unfortunately, there are sufficient sheeple out there uninformed – just look how many voted for Boris last time and look at the poor deluded still voting Labour, when the leader is like this:

And of course:

This is not just one side of the pond or other, not just northern hemisphere either – this is global.  Look at the clowns in NZ who voted Jackboot back in for specious reasons. People do truly get what they will put up with.

Certainly it needs a Reset but not the one the communists are speaking of.  It needs a reset of the whole preselection process for parties and also a reset in how voting is carried out and more importantly – counted.

Have a good Sunday.

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