Extracting the micturation

First, civil asset forfeiture – video from an American Arfa Daley:

To summarise – woman carries money in car from one town to another within the mainland states. Officials at airport seize it on spec, no private lawsuit brought against them, they then buy things for themselves out of the proceeds.

Until there was a class action lawsuit because this was right across the States, she wasn’t the only one.

1. Under which administration did it get to the stage where such widespread and rampant theft became the norm, never to be challenged? The operative words are those last ones – never to be challenged.

2. If the woman does sue, the suit itself pours most of that money into lawyers’ coffers.  If she does not fight it, she loses her money to officials.

3. Either way, she loses it. The plausible deniability here, as the officials point out, is that she seemed a bit dodgy carrying that amount. So effing what?  Take her aside, check out her story, if it holds up, then let her go … with her money.

But not what they did – taking it for their own personal use.

4.  Some of the worst people here are the general public, as with masks and these are the ones who abet camp commandants in gassing millions. I read one comment about what’s she doing with that sort of money?

What TF is that to do with that commenter?  So what?  That’s the anti-laundering squad’s biz to pursue.  I happen to agree with him as there was a casino involved and we don’t see what the woman looks like.  Though I agree, it’s not my business on that issue, at that airport, with that woman.

5.  The word screaming out to be shouted here is ‘impunity’ – from the officials to the state to the people aiding and abetting them..

And that is awfully close to the global agenda of having nothing private by 2030 and you’ll be happier not to have anything. Life will be bliss.  In the state’s eyes, property only brings you misery – they make sure of that. 

So again – whither private property?

Now to this madness – they’ve truly lost the plot in Carrieland:


Personally speaking, I won’t go to the Fail or any other MSM now unless I absolutely must, therefore I’ll not quote from it but just show the url.

And it’s not just the UK, is it:


And this:

Impunity again.  Impunity comes from not acting to stop something. If you wish to see this vision played out in film, Brazil is the go-to movie.

The bottom line once more

They are going to continually encroach until enough people say enough. The retired with money can travel to London any time to protest, putting themselves up at a hotel in order to be charged into by riot police at 3 p.m. … but most of us can’t do that.

Small businesses, self-employed or those employed, the ones most at risk, are desperately keeping their businesses together or their jobs.  There’s no way they can up and protest at the drop of a hat.  Protests only on Saturdays?  There’s nothing else they have to do with their families, is there, every Saturday?

It’s so bleedin’ obvious the cynicism of the govts, national and local.  Yet if we do nothing but write on blogs, what do we achieve?  And even blogging is becoming fraught:

It did not register with me that some readers could not see that video – it was Dr. Yeadon and essentially, he was saying SAGE is lying. The conclusion we make is that it is for political reasons.

[H/T Chuckles and Rossa’s mother]

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  1. “Yet if we do nothing but write on blogs, what do we achieve?”

    If we open the eyes of just one person, we have achieved something. Last week I posted a link to a Motorhead song, and you said that you had no words – but perhaps now you can see my reasoning behind it. This is a religious battle and Motorhead describe the dark side (I’m the politician and I decide your fate). Its akin to Christians spreading the word. Globalism has become a religion, there’s no doubting that in my mind. The blogs are needed – badly – thousands of tiny voices creating a loud chorus. They do make a difference, however small that may be. And something else to keep in mind – not all information gets passed to news agencies from those in authority, a large amount comes from ordinary people, bloggers who have actually sat down and done the research, found the evidence to back it up and applied their own professional skills, such people as Mike Yeadon.



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