Extracting the micturation [2]


It’s always better to solve an issue in house from a position of strength, not bleating.  The parallels with my neighbour and self on the one hand, joining forces to deal with the p***-taker yesterday and Trump over there on the other are uncanny.

We all had our say on various points but as my point n1, I put ‘taking the p***.

The other two issues could be sorted by negotiation, but the taking of the p***, the mindset, the attitude towards others – that can’t be solved so easily and it does, in the end, require strongarm measures. We were firm, let’s say.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is going to have to act on those people over there, arrest them, flush them out, preferably execute them because as reader Mark M says, not in those words but as a general idea – dead crims can’t hurt you. Those alive can.


As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.

As far as possible, without surrender.  No appeasement.

When it is perfectly clear that they are not negotiating in good faith, then they need to be hit the moment we have our rubber duckies in a row.  Moderation in war is imbecility.

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