The Great Lakes

The sharp-eyed will have seen the post on Lake Superior:

… and Chuckles has been kind enough to send pics of enormous size of the place. Even cut down, the size constraints mean I can only display two at a time, here are the first two:

My way of reading these, for those still not au fait, is to press Ctrl and + at the same time, four times. After reading, it’s Ctrl and – .

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  1. An oil tanker has been taken over by stowaways. The tanker, which is somewhere in the vicinity of the Isle of Wight, has sailed from Nigeria and was approaching Southampton. There is a five mile exclusion zone around the ship. Authorities are assuming that the military will be involved at some point. The SBS are based at nearby Poole.

  2. Andy5759 said @ 16:19

    ‘The SBS are based at nearby Poole.’

    Indeed they are – Hamworthy to be precise. Albeit in a different unit I was there for much of the 80’s. A family member was part of the team that rescued the British Ambassador (+ packet) to Kuwait in ’91 (Gulf War). There is a Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) team on standby so some fun should be had around dawn tomorrow.

    • Not worth it if they’re too close to shore, unless they stuffed brass belaying pins in their pockets first. Have you designed your boat to carry them? Very useful things to have around.

  3. Heightened spirits among the lads right now I guess. Ship layout being poured over, intel as to the position of the crew in hiding. What’s the betting there’s an asset on board already?

    • Pored, damned Otto Korrekt! If I ever meet him in a dark alley it will be curtains for him, no time for handy hock!

        • These here forrinners just can’t spell proper. So why are they telling me how to spell?

          I’m watching the World Series, sadly my picks from the Division Series didn’t get through. Not sure who to root for but it’s still good viewing. No-one has dropped to their knees yet. Also good to see second base chatting with the runner while there is a review going on.

  4. It’s all over now. Done and dusted. Our security forces carried out a flawless operation. I suppose that the stowaways will apply for asylum and be put up in a nice little b&b on the Isle of Wight. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the crew also jump on board. We’ll never really know. Welcome the land of milk and honey.

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