Seems an appropriate time on Sunday to give the politics a rest and look at nature and food – this lady has her way of doing tatties:

I’ve trotted out the leftovers from yesterday – halves of the tatties I did not grate along with my fingers in yesterday’s hash browns plus there’s one hash brown left.

The chicken will need to be torn and a bit of sauce strewn across it before eating but generally, that will be a reasonable lunch with the beer.


Your culinary delights for lunch earlier or for supper coming up?

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11 comments for “Tatties

  1. Aye, can’t keep up with the worldly doings – might just have to become a hermit for the next 2 weeks and engage in prayer and fasting until it is safe to come out again. Elevenses was a blueberry protein smoothie. Lunch was minced duck, gravy, herbs and onions topped with mashed cauli then all topped with cheese. Not really a cottage or shepherd’s pie but that type of thing. Was delish.

    Almost forgot – choc mousse and creme fraiche for afters. Glass of red to keep the blood flowing smoothly.

    • Lunch was minced duck, gravy, herbs and onions topped with mashed cauli then all topped with cheese.

      Duck, yes – that would have been yum. Shall get some.

  2. Lunch was gazpacho, followed by Italian crackers with Glastonbury cheddar.

    Golly, it’s a good cheddar. We have some Caerphilly in the fridge too. You can see that Herself had been to the market.

  3. Why am I slightly irritated by the video? I am thinking the person is just a bit affected with her movements. Who cares lady? You are chopping potatoes as can be seen in a 1000 other food videos. She goes chop…… chop….. chop….. Plop….. plop…. plop…. Boil…. boil…. boil…. Smash…. smash…. smash…..

    We get it. Such high drama. Chopping slowly in a video is worse than the maniacs chopping 90 to nothing. Also her nails in the first clip…off putting. Second clip nails are more appropriate for food handling….or at least gives the illusion.

    Still, I am sure she has prepared two nice dishes and she is more patient than I.

    Dinner is hours a way and will be here before I know it. Yawn.

    I wonder if they will be able to tell I used box spuds? Hmmmm….

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