6.  2020 … yeah

5.  The TPA has a petition

Instead of automatic rises, politicians should get performance related pay based on the prosperity of the whole nation – meaning if we get poorer their pay goes down, and no more golden goodbyes.

We have made an easy-to-use online tool so that you can submit to the consultation in a matter of seconds! Our campaign is already making waves in Westminster – popular political blogger Guido Fawkes has given it his full backing.

4.  This one’s for Toodles

… and how people fire hand-guns:


3.  This week’s daily timewaster open road

2.  On Islam, Gatestone has no peer

Guy Millière writes:

  • Paris, October 16. A history teacher who had shown his students cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and had spoken with them about and freedom of speech was beheaded ….
  • [A different] attack shows that declaring oneself an “unaccompanied minor” in France can be sufficient not to be observed at all and all the same to receive full assistance from the government. The attack also suggests a disappointing grade for gratitude.
  • Any criticism of Islam in France can lead to legal action. The French mainstream media, threatened with prosecution by their own government, have evidently decided no longer to invite on air anyone likely to make comments that could lead to convictions or complaints. [The author Éric] Zemmour might still appear on television, but the increasingly heavy fines imposed on him are aimed at silencing him and potentially punishing stations that invite him.
  • “Strengthening the teaching of Arabic will simply help to nourish ‘cultural replacement'”. — Jean Messiha, senior civil servant and member of the National Rally party.
  • Commenting on a news report that stated, “The trial has sparked protests across France, with thousands of demonstrators rallying against Charlie Hebdo and the French government,” the American attorney and commentator, John Hinderaker, wrote: “When thousands demonstrate against the prosecution of alleged murderers, you know you have a problem.”

1.  A long, long comment on this post

The ‘perfect’ pop song

… covering much territory.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku where applicable]

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