Still Saturday

16. Dearieme, death attribution and screening

Just coming back to this:

What possesses you [plural, generic in this post] to think that most death certificates aren’t as arbitrary as that? Ancient invalid dies of something – you probably have a choice of four or five or more things to write down, apart from the obvious “his brain stopped working” or “his heart stopped pumping”. “Old age” was written on my FIL’s certificate.

People who think that there is always an unambiguous, well understood cause of death are just bloody fools.

In my father’s case, there were three conditions at once and they chose one as good to write on the certificate.

Much cancer screening – e.g. breast, prostate – probably does more harm than good. Cervical? Dunno. Then again, should I expect a journalist to know what “screening” means?

A GP writes:

Cervical screening downside

15. Football

Rare these days for me to run football things but this one deserves it:

This is not the Grand final, that’s next week.  This is the first time perennial finalists who choke at the penultimate hurdle have got past it and are in the big one, the Final, next week.

For them winning next week is that they have half a team of stars on their last legs and these oldtimers want this premiership badly.  The youngsters see this and help out. Also for the Cats is that they are severe underdogs and they love those odds in big games.

Against them winning is that it is against a team which recently have been winning premierships, plus they walked all over the Cats a few weeks back, plus they’re at home, plus last week they killed the top team.

So it’s more hope for the Catters than anything else, although they can play football.

My second team – Alabama Crimson Tide [RTR] – we’re not talking to them at the moment due to kneeling to BLM and a sickening march in favour of terrorism.  However, one notes they’re winning but have a poor defense – need to sort it out.

My third team, Liverpool – I’m not even looking at now after their nauseating kneetaking. Nor England football, the scumbags.  I noticed LFC were crucified by Villa the other day.

My fourth team, AFC Wimbledon – well, they’re playing today I think.

14. Late lunch

Sockeye and hashbrowns.

Deliberately went a bit eggier with the hashbrowns as I was after a lighter flavour with the salmon.  Really did taste nice.

You today?

Tale of two wimmin

The moment when Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett after suffering through idiotic question after question from beta male and hysterical female Senators about her stance on abortion held up a blank notepad showing the world how well-prepared she was for the situation.

She projected the kind of calm patience and competence that comes from inner strength. And she did it with only her knowledge of the law, her understanding her role as a jurist and the strength of purpose that comes from being a person of deep faith.

Shan’t comment on the NZ debacle – I don’t like the sound of these here Boncentration Bamps.

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  1. 14. Cabbage gratin – cabbage, cream cheese, onion, garlic, creme fraiche, double cream, dill, parsley then grated cheese on top and bunged in the oven and baked – what’s not to like? 🙂 chicken on the side.

      • Ta. Saw that. Something similar was tweeted out when the YT purge was occurring.
        More to this than meets the eye, methinks. Rudy’s part in all this is a puzzle to me which may become clearer in the coming days. Same with Wray, though I could make a guess that he’s the Gatekeeper for the swamp.

        Re Bunter Hiden – his habits make it easy for someone to make sure he never gets to court.

  2. Brunch was gazpacho, half a pear, half a banana, coffee, and croissant.

    I think dinner will be fish’n’chips.

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