Still Friday

16. That Tucker clip

15. Time confusion

Woke up after a long sleep earlier – 6 a.m. by the clock with hands whizzing around its face – the sun had just come up, none too brightly, and first thing was to ask the Lord to protect us all and keep me sane – second was to check the ipad but it was wrong.

It was clearly Saturday, 6 a.m. – well, 6:14 now – yet the ipad was saying Friday.  Bollox, it’s Saturday I tell you and I’m refreshed, about to get up and face Saturday.

But it persisted with this Friday rubbish – the wall clock was useless in that regard – so the only thing for it was the laptop and it too persisted with this Friday 18:19 thing.

Also, people who would normally have contacted me by now had not, so what was going on?

Then the sun went down.

Er … um … oh yeah.  In the kitchen was a freshly prepared coffee, stone cold.

By the way, this post is going up at 19:39.

14. More gender confusion

This was in the inbox, under “nasty little piece of work is Michelle” and my first thought was – what, Michael Obama? But no, it was someone else:

Michelle says she would like to have police officers available to help when customers don’t want to wear masks in the convenience store where she works in the west Midlands.

“We’ve had people refuse to wear them because they don’t believe in Covid-19,” she says.

What a bitch beech tree. Blood boils but let’s press on:

But for shop workers like Michelle that means some difficult situations arise.

“We’ve had customers squabbling between themselves over masks, saying why haven’t you got a mask on?” says Michelle. “Then they have a go at us because we haven’t made them wear a mask.”

“If we tell people to wear a mask we get bawled at, if we don’t, we get bawled at,” she said.

I had that today, or was it yesterday?

The friendliest interpretation of the young woman in that situation is that she’s not completely different to a Russian or a child or an average Jo or Joe out there – likes to have it clear, in black and white – oh dear, how can we put this in 2020 [?] – likes to have it clear, knows what the limits are, then proceeds to test those limits.

Men of my kind also like to know what the Law says on something but when law is flouted, as in Henry VIII and Thomas More’s case or that of the DemRats in 2020, then either the Law of the Jungle or the Law of God or both takes over.  We can’t hit that Karen – outmoded chivalric code she uses against us – and maybe she herself is just trying to make sense of it all.

Now if she’s just confused about what she’s meant to do and it produces the reaction in the male of “nasty little piece of work is Michelle” – quite a widespread reaction I’d say in 2020 – then what we have here is an alpha male who can read a situation – and no doubt an alpha woman could too – but this shopgal Michelle can’t because her head is stuffed with gender confused, drug addled, personal safety confused guff she subscribes to and the first thing out the window is common sense and reading a situation.

“But,” she wails, “I’ll lose my job,” and that is very true – she would and it’s a nasty thing these days to lose one’s only source of income.

Plus this horrible, horrible exhortation of the girl growing up to be all butch and me me me, I’m as good as any man – don’t you oppress me – when in fact she’s not – not in male roles anyway. She’s better in female roles and I for one don’t go there.

So our Michelle is odds-on to get it in the neck whichever way one cuts it.  And we, the customers, are on the end of that lack of discernment from someone who was constantly failed by those in charge, all the way through growing up, which process has now been retarded beyond normal.

Then we add Sarah’s tweet below about the nature of the female and a man is going to run a mile rather than engage as I’m silly enough to keep doing – and the female in trad mode is simply not going to understand, say, Adam‘s attitude.

In short, a male is in a minefield with the female today and he simply doesn’t know what he’s getting into, not unlike with our Middle-Eastern male.  Might be a nice guy, might be a death cultist – we never know and are not sticking around to find out.

And that’s the thing.

In Still-Friday 15 [above], some of us are having enough issues with time itself, without having to deal with gender on top of that.

13. Interesting take by a female

Following on from Friday 2:9, gender confusion – yo!  My confusion is not gender, it’s time of day, not unlike with Joe Biden.

Not so interesting take by a male:

Maybe it is gender confusion after all, because what are we meant to do?  We come across – no, that’s not a good way to put it – our paths cross, let us say and we make a split decision – is this a lady and will she fight fairly or is she best avoided? Is she a Karen?

The second bit about fighting fairly is stoopid because no woman I’ve ever known ever fought fairly, goes with the territory.  If she likes you, she might convert it into protection for you as long as you play fair by her, all the while letting you think you’re protecting her. I’m fine with that social contract.

If you’ve met up with someone for whom gender roles are fairly traditional, give or take some, then it’s fairly plain sailing – open that door, stand up when she enters the room etc.

Onto Still-Friday 14 [above].

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12 comments for “Still Friday

      • The last elections here and over there were characterised by the left playing a bad hand badly. They appeared to make themselves so toxic to be unelectable. I will continue to believe that is still the case.

          • Thought crossed my mind more than once in past few days as to whether there will actually be an election. No idea what the laws on that are over there. If election is still on there’s a few possibilities – dims are brazen enough to carry on regardless/ do a last minute switcheroo and hope their cheating works or something else untoward.

            Meanwhile Granny-Grabber over here is “suggesting” we might like to limit visitors or residents to 6 per household. He can’t make that law due to the Constitution. Restaurants can’t seat more than 6 at any table. Deedahdeedahdeedah….

            Second word is “off”, Mani.

  1. 15. Yes, I have experienced the same thing myself. It all started when they turned on that particle accelerator thingy in the Alps. They’re meddling with things they don’t understand. Or maybe it’s only lockdown fatigue.

  2. “ Thought crossed my mind more than once in past few days as to whether there will actually be an election.”

    Mine too. Now I think they’ll go through the motions and then it’s either way. Neither I think good.

    If he does “win”, the opposition will then be wiped out – that is very close to Papa Donald and we helped it happen. Look at Papa Boris. Different people, who knows which thrall?

    The fact that he is not assass, the Donald, is curious in Am history.

    Enthralling though, both sides of the pond. This is where the main games are just now.

    • “….The fact that he is not assass,…”

      They’ve tried, allegedly. Whidbey Island incident (rocket fired – msm reported it was a “light from a helicopter”) POTUS on way from Canada to meet with Kim Yong Un , AF1 rerouted suddenly. Agent Remagen “died suddenly” of a stoke or heart attack – can’t recall which now – whilst on security detail when POTUS stayed in Scotland during 1st UK visit. There have been others – car suddenly accelerating from side road towards motorcade and driver claimed to have lost control of vehicle. Two different incidents of shots being fired in vicinity of WH. One of those turned gun on himself after shooting his mobile phone… Who knows.

      Maybe related – this recent hospitalisation for Cv19. Dunno how long this vid will stay up. One version has already gone. Listen from 14 mins to 29.40.

      Did SS get wind of plan to infect POTUS with a similar virus but more lethal under cover of Cv19 to incapacitate him in the run up to election (or take him out) which was thwarted hence his stay at WR and subsequent speedy recovery? This Cv plannedemic being used to stop Trump seems like a stretch but there’s been so much talk about bio-weapons this year seems anything is possible.

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