6.  To whom it may concern

Rossa’s mother advises:

5.  Idiots

Adam adds:

260 female parliamentary candidates? And yet they are still attempting to pull the sexist card? This is what you get, this is what happens when you go the way of the big lie. 260 female parliamentary candidates means 260 guaranteed failures at the job. How many seats are there anyway in this election? We’re talking about a small nation here.

I can think of two reasons off the top – firstly, there is a secure feeling in come to momma, even though she’s a raptor, secondly it’s something for nothing. Why work when the state gives all. Small price so they think. More on that as a post.

4.  And so it goes on

3.  Not so sure on this one

2.  Weaselspeak today

1.  All words?

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  1. 5. The fix is in. Jackboot’s slogan is Build Back Better and so is Biden’s and Boris’s. So a) who destroyed whatever they claim to be rebuilding in the first place and b) is that to confirm to us they’ve sold us out to the commies?

    • Considering what a champion digger you are DR, I’m surprised that you didn’t already know about the slogan. Its not just Boris and Biden either, its world wide. I’ve also been noting subtle use of language as well, such as Boris’s use of names for the 3 levels of lockdown:


      Low, Medium and High


      Medium, High and Very high

      Which version sounds more serious/panic inducing to you?

      Annnnddd.. we have a completely new virus everybody! Introducing ‘Long’ covid.

      ‘Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives’ became ‘Stay alert, control the virus, save lives’ became ‘Wash your hands, cover your face, make space’ which morphed into ‘Hands, face, space’.

      Note that its not about staying home, protecting the NHS or saving lives any more.

      They are trying to steer us.

      He who controls the language, controls the people – dunno who said that but I agree.

      • 🙂 I do know about the BBB being a global thing – I’ve mentioned it before.

        As for my digging – there’s nothing special about what I do and anyone can dig if they choose to. All it takes is the will, patience and determination.

        Noam Chomsky said “He who controls the media controls the minds of the public.”

        • Don’t be so modest DR, a good number of the best links I’ve visited have been posted in your comments.

          Yes anyone can dig, however digging also requires a starting point, direction and a knowledge of what to look for. Anyone can dig, its just that some are far better than others.

          I knew someone had said something like that! A Biden moment for me, I think.

  2. Many of the links I follow come from here, most of them become bookmarked. The diggers here are some of the best, our host the mostest.

  3. I’m coming to this late, obviously concurring with the above and saying cheers to our freelance yet resident Super Ferret DR but I also concur that it can be done with the sort of mindset the people of NZ, for example, do not seem to have.

    The right questions are critical because so many traps and diversions are strewn in he path of “the usual” questions.

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