Of Columbo, Maigret and the fundamental interconnectedness of all things

Having scheduled the football and destructiveness posts, the Rudi honeytrap thing, I saw this recommended by youtube:

Columbo’s good at any time but this May-December story was so to the point. I’d also suggest Toodles check out the last seconds of the clip … on the wall behind Columbo. 🙂

This is the denouement (spoilers ahead):

It’s annoying the way they chop up and present only bits of shows … supposedly we’re meant to go out and buy the full set, right? They can get knotted, just on principle.

Anyway I went to youtube to find a Maigret episode I recall on a similar theme, had got as far as typing in as you see and look what came up:

Now, the last time I saw any Maigret episode was about a year and a half ago and that episode was Maigret and the Maid [similar theme], so youtube made that suggestion about ‘defends himself’?

But the thot plickens – here’s what came up:

The French version though is still available. By the way, it’s a story about an intelligent but at the same time silly old fool who should know better [and look at the name of the bar at 5:32, sigh]:

These are some of the actresses who have played the roles of too young honeytrap femmes fatales:

Top row, L to R: Linda Rybova[ Czech] played Nicole Prieur in the French version of Maigret se Defend, second picture her too, Susie Lindeman in the English version of Maigret and the Maid.

Bottom row, L to R: Minnie Driver in another Maigret where the young LaPointe falls for her, Susie L again, Liza Walker who played a similar role twice [maybe more] – Nicole Prieur in Maigret on the Defensive, with Michael Gambon, plus in the Morse episode Cherubim and Seraphim – both times she was trouble.

With all except Minnie Driver, they played the vulnerable ingenue but in MD’s case, she was as hard as nails and did not invite LaPointe, the management of the hotel did that.  Same result.  Similar in ‘the Maid’.  She didn’t ask for Gambon to arrive, he just did. Nothing happened but he was still a silly duffer.

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  1. Did a Youtube search for “maigret on the defensive – series 2 – episode 3 [1993]”

    Didn’t even show in the search results, so I went to one of the mixes/playlists with lots of episodes, some labelled “Blocked in Country”. Attempted to play one or two, got the blocked message.

    Closed browser, ran Psiphon. Reopened browser and ‘restored previous session’

    Entered “maigret on the defensive – series 2 – episode 3 [1993]” into Youtube search again.

    Up it came and started to play.

    Psiphon is still running – check my IP address, it should be different than usual, and in the USA.

  2. se defendre has a range of meanings apart from defending or standing up for oneself. It can also mean to protect oneself; also to refrain from doing something; also to forbid oneself to do something (as in il est defendu de fumer).

  3. A young Kim Cattrall in that first Columbo clip (1978). Born in Liverpool (1956).

    Wiki says:

    She [Cattrall] holds British and Canadian citizenship. On 17 August 2020, Cattrall announced via her Instagram page that she has become an American citizen and is “ready to vote”

    Not for Trump methinks..

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