No, you’re not going mad

… they really are out to get you!

Caveats first. There are certain sources I have pressure put on me not to run, not without reason. Gatestone is an obvious one but I’ve found that on middle-eastern matters, as they’re one of the actual participants in it, they have a legit case to speak for that side of the argument.

This gal below is another that certain people close to me don’t like and it’s been a long time since I ran her. She’s certainly a strange girl with those doves caterwauling in the background but on this topic, she’s 100% on the ball for the first 90% of it. If you can put up with the bleached vision and overdoved sound, the message is one we should heed, we really should, up to the last minute but I’m going to take her to task on that last minute:

As one already eccentric and yet quite straight in other ways, I see where she’s coming from. Some say wimmin are insane anyway but I say most of us are going that way now … and it’s quite intended. Polly was going off the rails herself near the end.

Go back to Adam’s contention again and think it through. Whom do evil muvvers first play on, twist around to participate in their crim insanity? People like Jim Jones and Manson I mean, driven by their own demons? Who do they suck in first?

Is it not wimmin, plus dysfunctional Clyde Barrow types, always left leaning, often embracing false gods? Reflect on the history of cults – insane man, acolytes following, doing terrible things at his whim.

How long until we go insane, asks Dove?  In the last minute, she trots out the old one, from the time of the Tower of Babel onwards, that ‘we have power over our own minds’.

Bollox.  We are sucked in by narratives, all of us, from the rationalist scientist to the green Gaia and Shamballa to Islam to Judaism, Bahai, hedonism, libertarianism, UN sustainable development, Agenda 30 … to Christianity.

All are narratives, make no mistake – the only question is which sustains in the long term?  This Woke narrative now?

And always, it finally comes back to the question – can Man work his own way out of he abyss and the mire?  Dove thinks so.

I say bollox.  Man needs help to do it.  I’ll just leave that there.


It may be mid-afternoon or later now until the next post.

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