Let’s do the Covid again:

From a wise man:

Something that I have seen highlighted only once, and then in passing, is a suspicion I have that a fair proportion of the hysteria we see is generated by the narrative that this is a ‘novel’ coronaviruse, so it’s more dangerous than any other and we are defenceless against it.

As always, it raises the question of ‘innocent mistake’ or ‘malicious and intentional obfuscation/misinterpretation’…

This article is another example’ which, although it does put the term in quotes, does not expand on the usage.

The gross misdirection lies in the fact that ‘novel’ is a term of art in microbiology, meaning ‘we haven’t come across this particular fellow before’ and to distinguish it from previously encountered members of the family, and which is expected to share the characteristics of those earlier examples, which were also all ‘novel’ in their time.

Politicians and media however, universally use the term in the colloquial sense of ‘new and unknown and unique’, and it is the ‘unique’ which is constantly stressed.



As previously noted, all lies and obfuscation, all the time:

You will recall that I take taxis and the drivers know better than most what’s going down – they drive to Manchester and Liverpool, so I do get some of the stories. They agree, generally, with the ‘previous note’.



Time for Lord T’s song again: