The bad first

1. The others on the bench, e.g. Roberts, got to her, convinced her DJT was going to do something unconstitutional?

2. DJT himself got to her and explained the game plan pre and post election?

3. The Deep State got to her?

The good

Time to come clean, now it’s resolved – the company is NPower, I complained, it was handled in a timely and professional manner. Easy enough to complain when something is wrong, it behoves us to also praise when praise is due.

Jury’s out

The NHS and myself – we’ll see how this one plays out.

7 comments for “Nightwatch

  1. James, regarding first item I think you need to check before jumping in with both feet. As mentioned by Distant Relative the guy is spouting what the MSM are saying i.e. Fake News.

  2. I’m with nPower, they have been ok so far. They are now eon. See how that goes.

    Had my text from GP surgery today re flu jab, I declined.

    Today has been a very low, dispiriting day. Mind in turmoil, little to be positive about. Maybe tomorrow will be sunnier.

  3. Sorry, don’t buy it, nor does DJT as he said. She knew precisely why she was rushed through, it was to stop these two things which of course were suddenly sped up, plus post election litigation. And by ‘things’, that doesn’t mean Trump winning but unconstitutional and illegal acts.

    If they can do all that to get her there, she can move her backside and get up to speed on those cases. They take precedence over getting her belongings in. Time enough for that after. As for law clerks, she already has those in mind.

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