Both of these are speculative, one is more immediate and does seem as if it might happen:

November 3rd election

Neither side is going to concede, let’s just accept that now.

Result is litigation, hence the absolute necessity of having installed ACB. I believe McConnell and Graham were offered deals to push this through because they know people are going down afterwards. Plus both had scores to settle for the affronts to them – cabal’s been insane.

At the same time, no one in the main non-MSM is speaking of Electoral College and they should be. Who has the EC in the pocket right now?

Then there is the Senate and House. I believe it will come out roughly the same – keep the Senate, not quite flip the House. There’ll be many EOs.

Also, no one’s looking towards 2024. If the face of the world is still the farce of ‘democracy’, then my prediction is Gabbard will flip and be the GOP candidate.

Over here

Redwood’s comment was most revealing – Remoaners and other ECers fighting tooth and nail here but in the Blancmange’s case, he’ll only do right if personally insulted, e.g. by Tusk or Barnier. One can only hope these clowns in Brussels humiliate Boris, it might work for the UK.


Will the central banks crash us?  Is ridding society of the middle class [small business people, self-employed and employees] one of the main planks in the enemy’s platform?  Note Redwood and the CBI again.

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  1. Trump’s first term was marred and muddied by the Russian interference crap and the ludicrous impeachment. If he wins a second term that will be marred by accusations of vote fraud. All we can do is hope and pray that the result is beyond question and that he can have four more years to get things done.

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