Never Trumpers are not the only ones

They’re just the crucial ones here:

After President Trump was sworn in and quickly began fulfilling his campaign promises as well as putting in place conservative policies, many in the Republican base thought that the “NeverTrumpers” would come around to supporting him.

However, no matter how many conservative policies he put in place, no matter how many conservative judges he put on the bench (including the Supreme Court), no matter how many jobs he created, no matter how well the economy is doing, nor how many peace deals he’s brokered, these individuals remain just as much against him as they were during 2016 primaries.

However, few of them have articulated to the Republican base what specific policy reasons they have for opposing President Trump. They only repeat the same vague liberal talking points about his character, rhetoric and tweets.

Although the majority of the Republican base supports President Trump ( 96 percent according to the latest Rasmussen’s poll), many of the NeverTrumpers have gone as far as publicly endorsing Joe Biden.

There’s one difference this time around – even 2016 was not as hardwired as this election. There are groups determined that Trump will not take office and one way or the other, they will [in their minds] stop him:

1. Traditional nutters who are often Manchurians trained for it and then disappear;

2. The brass itself in a JFK way;

3. The voter fraud way – millions of false votes one way or the other, voting machines which when you press GOP, register DemRat etc., dead people voting;

4. Foreign infiltration;

5. The bureaucracy which includes the FBI and other agencies.

Distant Relative has been ferreting:

Trump issues sweeping order stripping job protections from tens of thousands of federal employees

Federal scientists, attorneys, regulators, public health experts and many others in senior roles would lose rights to due process and in some cases, union representation, at agencies across the government. The White House declined to say how many jobs would be swept into a class of employees with fewer civil service rights, but civil service experts and union leaders estimated anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in a workforce of 2.1 million.

Difficult to implement of course and may be just to get the rats out of their holes but when it goes Qanon, there are nasty things under the rocks they turn over.

… then have to look for this video – should be first in the queue.

MK Ultra Survivor Dr. Juliette Engel – Friday Night Livestream

Brief minute and a half @ 21 mins where she mentions her mother and herself being traumatised so skip that if you don’t want to hear – no pictures. This lady spent time in Russia between 1997 and 2010 -ish and didn’t understand why she had the urge to go there, even to the specific location.
She’s a generational family victim – claims going back 13 generations of involvement and she and her cousins where also initiated into the program.

Mentions the transgendered “Nanny Blacks” in charge of the children even back then. This lady is now 71 years old. The “Nanny Blacks” appeared in the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony Saturnalia fest.

Mentions also that a lot of well known people have been victims of the program, including politicians, which could account for why they appear to have no consciences despite following policies which will ultimately lead to their own destruction, along with ours if we let them.

Makes me wonder about Bodger and a few others.

Indeed. Because what will also come out are children in wards which look like barracks in which nurses are doing things to them. Very nasty and something the human brain does not wish to face. There are things the other side could handle coming out, e.g. the bowdlerised version of The Big Guy and money, they even concluded they could get around Hunter’s sleaze and paedo but what they cannot get round is Obama’s doings and what he had the brass and people right down the line doing.

In all of their eyes, those things will NEVER come out, no matter what it takes, even another 911. Easy enough – blame the Chinese or Russkies.

The Dirt on Bunter and the Big Guy and their connections to China, Ukraine etc, etc, etc, etc……

Here’s that gift that keeps on giving giving us a big one this time. Reminds me of a bowling alley – Bunter is the bowling ball and this lot are the skittles.
*merrily chuckling*

EXCLUSIVE: A list of “key domestic contacts” for a joint venture involving Jim and Hunter Biden and now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co. included former Vice President Joe Biden’s current running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, among other prominent Democrats, Fox News has learned.

An email exclusively obtained by Fox News, with the subject line “Phase one domestic contacts/ projects” and dated May 15, 2017, Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, shared a list of “key domestic contacts for phase one target projects.”

The list, included Harris, D-Calif.; Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio; former Virginia Gov. Terry McCauliffe, among others.”

Certainly the DemRats, Never-Trumpers and assorted agents are in the sleaze side of it and what replaces these creeps when they’re flushed away?  Because the Reset they’re talking about is not a great deal different to that Trump is imagining – only they are the victims of that, not the perps any longer. Obama will surely be executed.  I say that because he seems expendable to me in a way the Witch isn’t.

That’s before we even cross the pond to here – Westminster, Whitehall, Tavistock.  What I’m getting at is there’s a certain amount of jettisoning unneeded agents in order to appease the gods but there are those in the middle it must never touch and they would go the nuclear option before that happened, go the nerve gas way.

The vast majority of even the ferreting onliners who are pretty good at sorting fact from fiction – I’m not really sure they know how bestially sick this thing is.  Something is most certainly going to give on this.

Hence the utter insanity of lawmakers – observe this evening when we look at Wales and supermarkets.

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  1. I forgot to drop this earlier. Dunno if this figures somewhere in the mix but Hoe Jiden mentioned the threat of a “dark winter” more than once in the last debate with POTUS a couple of days ago.


    Have we had it already or is it going to be implemented as the last gasp of the DS when The Donald wins his second term?


  2. Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto:

    Sen. Mitt Romney on Wednesday slammed the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, saying it is “not the legitimate role of government” to work to “damage political opponents.” – Fox News

    He also voted to impeach Trump on the first article put before the Senate.

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