Natural human destructiveness

Dirk Gently, as you’ll recall, spoke about “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things”, a grand Adams’ joke because it took a [duh] truth and turned it into an aphorism.

Thing is – beyond Douglas Adams’ own understanding perhaps – what if there really is something … dot dot dot?

For example, I would have been struggling for a word for ‘aphorism’ – maybe ‘analogy’, ‘parallel’ – and the word suddenly came back to mind – have you seen me use it much before?

Duhhh, says you, happens all the time, do not ascribe to this ‘something’ that which can be explained by the human synapses.  And I reply – do not ignore the human synapses there in the first place … and so on … I love these conversations with myself.

Whatever, I checked in on Twitter:

… and the Wail:

I’d been planning to write on the hook-up culture which those sorority girls did videos on [ran a couple of those here a year ago]. Was going to talk about sleaziness in us men past a certain age and the obvious reference was to Rudi and Borat’s hired female in that film, plus she’s at Trump Jr’s function, feet from him – in fact I was going to get on my high horse about that and make reference to Rudi’s drag queen job decades ago in NYC – was going to do all that in my saintliness and suddenly remembered my own comment to our Julia about beavers, plus there’s currently one the other way from a ladyfriend who mentioned “when push comes to shove if you get my drift” … so one is kept humble, no?

I’ll say upfront that I got involved with a currently serving forces gal from the States not long back, also some years back one in Indonesia.  Why?  What the hell for?  At least with the most recent, I put her straight on being old enough to be her grandfather. You think that stopped her?

Rudi has to wake up to himself, I have to, all men of a certain age have to -otherwise, what’s left is a dystopia of hoes, ignorant, feckless or pussified young twerps and silly old codgers like us, which cannot possibly be a healthy society.

That’s before we even get onto cougars and toyboys.  And there’s another danger – just as with Rudi and Borat’s “daughter”, the threat he could easily have posed to the task of stopping Biden, Harris and the agenda … well, that’s not compromised.

We need to be vigilant, chaps and chapesses:

Finally, to Andy’s question to himself: “Looking at the above I do wonder why the millennials or generation X or whatever have against us. Privilege?”

I can only reply that we are in a war for civilisation. Part of that is the enemy compromising us – needn’t be with wimmin, could easily be some deal we’ve made, no questions asked. Only safe way is to play with a straight bat, watch out for the traps.