Malthus eat yer heart out

Just awoke again on Bizarre Sunday, the clash of the time zones.

Ok, what does one call elderly these days? Post-80 years? Or with elderly conditions in one’s 60s or what? Just being a pensioner?

I suppose I can still be called late middle but occasionally it pays to be all decrepit – either way, I’ve certainly been neglected by the NHS, thank goodness say I. Coz I do not wish to be fighting the two army officers holding me down while satan’s little nurse injects me with Hancock’s Oxford poison.

Spare a thought for these poor sods:

I mean, people with genuine conditions who would die without help and to whose toes are attached DNR signs for the everlovin’ young Tik Tok dancing nurses to helpfully bypass on their way to a knees up in the reception area to stave off boredom, for which we all come out of our homes at 8 p.m., like automatons, and compulsorily clap?

Compulsorily clap all right – clap ’em in prison more like. Who was the criminal who told these nurses that the public would find it a real hoot for them to neglect their duties and dance under the choreographer’s gaze?

What sicko sent people to the wards in the first place to tell nurses to do that?

And why on earth would they comply?

And what is a Tik Tok anyway? Yes, I’ve seen the name bandied about, plus Zoom and some others. What on earth are such things? Sounds to me as nasty as Jack Nicholson’s Joker or Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters.

Satanic in other words.

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  1. One of the many reasons for my support for Brexit was the notion that troops and police from one country would be deployed in another. After all, could our dear leaders rely on British bobbies to use Boris’ water canons on their own people? Would our own troops open fire on their fellow citizens? The above link has another item about the recent march and the police response. An eyewitness describes an encounter with apparently foreign police, wearing British uniforms. This is a chilling scenario.

    • We did know it, there was a Norfolk lad here, a Remoaner, who said as much – that it would not solve anything as the slithering snakes are also homegrown.

      I knew that too, a few of us did, the Scottish Rite is here, Chatham House, the Round Table, the EU had a large British component by birth. These are the damned.

      But still we supported Brexit and I still do, just on principle and also because it’s not what Them want. Boris was never true to Brexit, Witch May, none of em.

      So, what’s happening was always going to.

      It’s a bit like a river in Melbourne, the Yarra, where the dregs and effluent are actually on top. We look up and see the lowest form of humanity running us, the flotsam.

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