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  1. I lived in a basement flat for a while. It was rather damp.

    A friend pointed out that British basements are always damp and Dutch basements aren’t.


  2. In parts of France there are troglodytes dwellings. Just a cave with a front door. I visited one that was built into the face of a limestone cliff. Perfectly dry!

  3. Has no one noticed how remarkable that human machine woman…girl(?) was??? How can no one be fascinated? Her machete…the bamboo, the mud…bricks for a pyramid if she wanted, paint…the fish it was this biiiigggg!

    Ho hum quite obvi she needs “no stinkin’ man”!

    I built a house of playing cards once….and then I sneezed.

  4. As I ponder about that tiny dynamo I cannot but wonder where were the worms? Never saw one while she dug in the clay. Are there no worms in her part of the jungle? Various other bugs and mosquitoes???? Gators or crocs? Did she stop from time to time to sharpen the blade to her machete? Was the clay a good skin product or was it drying?

    Absolutely fascinating!

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