Friday too

12.  Is it Covid?

With felicitations to Lord T:

11.  Here it is in one again

10.  Rudi on OANN

Via Rossa’s mother:

“Giuliani on @NYPost Biden Report: Q: Twitter called it a “distribution of hacked materials.” The post says that you got info from store owner. @RudyGiuliani: “There’s nothing hacked here … We have the entire hard drive. We’ve analyzed it now for about 2 weeks.”

9.  Here it is in one

Not mentioned at all of course by the lowlifes of the left.

8.  What SAGE got wrong

7.  The NBC Townhall

WH source tells @OANN that after walking offstage at townhall, Trump said to everyone, “I expected worse. She tried, God bless her…she tried.”

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Megyn on the topic:

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  1. 10. Short thread with some good points from Adam Housley

    1/6 ok here we go: you guys know my affinity for FBI field agents and the work they do every min of every day. You also know the frustration that exists with many of those agents and many of you with FBI headquarters…now this.
    2/6 This is no October surprise…this actually falls flatly on the back of the FBI that failed to address this beginning more than one year ago and came out now also due to a series of keystone cop decisions by Republican staffers to flat ignore this family for months.


  2. Much cancer screening – e.g.breast, prostate – probably does more harm than good. Cervical? Dunno.

    Then again, should I expect a journalist to know what “screening” means?

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