Current chantoosies

There are still bands and chantoosies putting out what, to me, are truer to the spirit of those times but are also in place for our own storm clouds – our own forces sweethearts, our own new hell on earth coming up.

This first number is to the point in 2020 – addressing the govt, it begs “no alarms, no surprises, please”.

The garb and the gab might be incongruent and anachronistic but the overall aim is worthy and the music not bad – it may have started as revival but will soon take on its own 2020s style in response to the concerns of today, which are the concerns of yesteryear … amplified.

I for one am quietly grateful that there are sufficient of these around, for these are the new forces sweethearts about to occupy the main stage – absolutely crucial for morale – needed at Bletchley, needed at HQ, needed on the land and in factories … but never in the front line trenches, wallowing in mud, that’s our job.

For me, the chantoosies are required elements – I prefer the chaps on instruments and backing vocals and thank goodness there are a few of these bands around at the moment.  The Al Bowllys and Glenn Millers were fine but it was the Vera Lynns, Pearl Baileys and Andrews Sisters who fulfilled this mission:

According to Emily Yellin, many of the key foot soldiers in the USO’s mission were women who were “charged with providing friendly diversion for U.S. troops who were mostly men in their teens and twenties.”

Thing is, will they bring sunshine this time round or are they all feminazis?

Shirley it will be these chantoosies, currently to one side of the mainstream, who will be the new heroines, not the vile, satanic harridans of modern pop through supermart tannoys with their wailing and howling, which apparently passes as singing these days.

One can only hope.

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  1. No 1 I found too brown and depressing visually – although the uplighter floor lamps in the background are quite nice.

    Chantoosie no 3 for me by quite a margin.

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