A BBC debacle? Or something else?

Not having a TV, I can only piece together the story from the heavily slanted MSM and it illustrates a corner into which the MSM has worked itself.

Obviously you can read it for yourself, this is my take, I then welcome yours.

I did watch the clip and it was inconclusive, heavily edited of course. The article put it this way:

Sue Barker stunned as A Question of Sport guest walks off set ‘I’m out of here!’

SUE BARKER was left shocked when A Question of Sport contestant and former England rugby player Ugo Monye* walked off the show after getting a question wrong.

Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell returned for a brand new episode of A Question of Sport last night. Matt was joined by England rugby player Ugo Monye and taekwondo champion Jade Jones** while Phil was joined by hockey star Sam Quek and footballer Gary Pallister. However, the BBC host was left begging Ugo to stay when the sports pundit answered a question wrong despite being adamant he knew the answer.

Unless you watched it, then you only have the text of the article to judge from, plus the clip … but usually someone does not walk off a set simply over getting an answer wrong – it sounds very much as if something else had been going on too behind the scenes, something cultural … but what? That journo’s article was shoddy for a start.

One possibility is it was sport-cultural, in that she, Barker, was not an authority on rugby union, she was parachuted into the job by the BBC for diversity reasons and then it comes down to her manner – everything comes down to manner these days.

Another possibility is that the rugby star himself was thin-skinned.  It may have been his own cultural take on what women can and can’t do. The BBC would have quite a view on that, shared by staff across the organisation and exemplified by this Ellie someone on a programme called Countryfile or whatever it is.

I saw her crass, Narrative driven remarks the other day and thought, “BBC, sheesh, who needs it?”  Smug, New-Normal, not in the least shared by the population as a whole.  So it may have been that here.  I read [past tense] on and it’s too long to reprint here.

“I wish we had a heart rate monitor on Ugo,” Jade quipped.

Who’s Jade**? Who’s Ugo?  Answers further down.

Sue revealed Fiji scored 17 tries at the 2019 Rugby Union World and Japan scored just 13.

Ugo stood up, waved goodbye to his teammates before attempting to take his microphone off.

“Don’t go,” Sue cried out before Ugo returned to his seat after Matt reminded him once he left he couldn’t come back.

The article abruptly ended and frankly, it sounded BS to me, the whole thing, so I glanced at the author – Charlotte someone – and a rat started to form in the air which I smelt.  My first reaction was “thin-skinned member of our guests to this country and their natural volatility” but then this was curious – a tiny caption under a photo:

A Question of Sport: Matt Dawson was convinced Ugo was right 

It starts to look far more complex an issue than just right or wrong.  It starts to look like some girl journo at the Express backing up a girl presenter foisted on the show by the BBC for “equality and diversity” reasons and everyone must just accept the framing and the anti-patriarchal atmosphere in everything these days and everyone has to knuckle down and worship the Narrative.

It sounds like great disrespect towards a seasoned player of note – were he not a seasoned player, he’d not have been on the show – while someone like Barker would have just been yapping from the notes she held, a non-expert with The Key in her hands.

This then gets into attitude and the stoopidity of the type – let me illustrate this from an Olympiad in Russia years ago – yes, you heard that right.

There was an Olympiad or interschool competition within the Republic where I lived and I was invited in as the “expert” in English language to keep an eye on things, there for the scorers of the answer papers after the comp part concluded and before the announcement and award to the winner – you can understand the pressure of time constraint for a start, the pressure-cooker atmosphere.

I noticed one teacher marking papers and she was clearly wrong on one question, marking two or three people wrong according to the key she kept beside her to mark from – machine marking in other words, requiring no English skill. But the particular question was nuanced – there were a number of possible responses and I noticed these given by various contestants – I said to her it was wrong to mark these people down.

A supervisor came over, clearly The Expert in English language and she did not like my interference one little bit.  See, I’d been foisted on her and I suspect she’d written the questions.

Now I have to explain that Russians can be quite pedantic.  More than once I was asked, “Well what’s the rule here?”  When I started saying that it depends on context and what you’re intending, that did not go down well and I was replied to that “surely there is a right answer or wrong answer”, none of this if and but guff or words to the effect.

I replied that that is not always so – English is a most frustrating language for those learning it because usage varies – for example with the Oxford comma.  This frustrated the person who was used to categorically this or categorically that in all circumstances.  I’d have had to run a series of courses for her to understand that English does not work that way.

To cut a long story short, the pedantry of that supervisor was a mix of pride in her position, the fact that it was a “she”, also that she was attached to one school and I was attached to a rival school at that time – there was a prestige rivalry in this too, plus the most important factor – that that type of quiz or game show was simply not suited to the English language.

I ran the incident by my Russian mate later and he saw it all, the whole cultural minefield and he commented that the question had been a poor one, posed by someone who had maybe an 80% grasp of the language.

Having said that, I must point out that on language, our faculty and most language departments are dominated by women because they’re so natural at it.  Yes, I’ve certainly mentioned gender in this article but on language, women are without superiors, hope that’s clear enough.

I’d say that that BBC programme was a minefield in its format and further surmise there was also a clash of all sorts of cultural things on that show, causing the player to walk out.

Notice I didn’t write “man” or “African” or “star” just then because each of those words in itself is fraught in 2020.  A supposedly innocent gameshow can quite easily turn into something explosive quite quickly.

And you’ll also have noticed, with me having not watched it, that I’m not sure whether to go down the gender route, the ethnic route or the BBC socialists versus the people route – it may have been a bit of all of those.

But it was certainly explosive, to the extent that someone attempted to take off his mic and leave. Obviously he did not see the show as one of Britain’s most sacrosanct – I used to watch it way back when and don’t recall any major issue beyond argument over who scored this goal or that.

So what would you say has changed?


* Ugo Monye, Pundit

Ugochukwu “Ugo” Chiedozie Monye is an English sports pundit and former rugby union player, Monye played 14 times for England, 237 times for his only club Harlequins and played twice for the British and Irish Lions on their 2009 tour to South Africa. Monye won both the second division and then the Premiership title with Harlequins, as well as winning the Euro…

Seems a reasonable chap to me:


** Jade Jones, Athlete

Jade Louise Jones OBE is a Welsh taekwondo athlete. She is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medallist in the women’s 57 kg category, and the 2019 World champion, 2016 and 2018 European champion and 2015 European Games champion at the same weight. In 2012, she won Britain’s first taekwondo Olympic gold medal in this category. Jones was at the tim…

One is an “athlete”, the other just a “pundit”? I see.


All right, folks, how do we judge this – along gender or along race lines? Or is it insufferably Woke versus normal human?

Some comments:

#  Did the so called journalist who wrote this tripe actually bother watching the show. It was done as a joke, fool. DE for goodness sake give Charlotte the job of covering CBBC. You obviously Can’t sack her because of diversity rules.

#  Anyone actually watch BBC anymore? Sue is a good presenter too good for the BBC.

I don’t subscribe to this next one:

#  But being black qualifies them for all things even an obe for charity work for kids but has only just surfaced – where was he on the previous school holidays – nowhere until blm rode into town.

After all that, still confused here as to what had built up in the show to that point, the snide asides, the smug assumption of expertise – who knows?

Someone said it was just a joke, just banter I suppose, no harm intended.  I saw this Charlotte attacked for her clickbait piece.

Does it matter?  Does it justify me waffling on in this post, wasting minutes of your life you’ll never get back?

I’d say something had been going on and this Charlotte’s or the subbie’s editing [yes, there was an intended remark in my spelling of subbie there] had much to do with it and is a reflection of the MSM as a whole and their baiting these days – what we can be agreed upon, no, is that there’s a quite volatile atmosphere out there right now in 2020, quite volatile indeed.

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  1. I judge this for the play acting that it is. I have lawfully deprived the peado trash at the BBC of over £2000. Race, throw a bit of that into the mix, also gender, great secondary angle all wrapped up in wokeness and attention-seeking narcissism. It is a play just like certain ‘events’ which aren’t quite what they seem and certain people have been sued over for saying so.

    Put on the play, get attention, throw in a few anomalies for those with eyes to see and analyse the results. See who jumps which way and how far. Play on emotion. What sort of bastard wouldn’t want to clap doctors and nurses every Thursday evening? The same bastard who is killing grannie by not wearing a mask or who won’t take the vaccination.

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