What Southern States say about each other

The only one I couldn’t handle was the speaker from Tennessee with something hanging out of her nose:

Fave Southern State for me? Obviously South Alabama, with Georgia close in there [Athens having my two fave people from that state] but not Atlanta. I also like the coast from Pensacola across to Mark’s area of Florida, I’ve a friend from SC. Don’t know anyone from Mississippi but nothing against them. N.O. is the city state I like too for its music. Sometimes Tennessee for music, more Branson Missouri.

In the video, I liked the Bama guy of course [loyalty] but my secret vote was for the Georgian gal.

Love to hear your views.

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4 comments for “What Southern States say about each other

  1. • The Georgia chick seems strangely familiar.
    • Dawg fans hate whoever Spurrier is currently coaching.
    • More than a “Southern” vibe, Texas has a “We used to be our own country” vibe.
    • Atlanta is okay if you live near where you work, you like where you live, and you like where you work.
    • Branson isn’t where good music is born, but where it retires, for better or worse.

    • Appreciate that. Cheers. Trying to get a handle on Georgia but can’t get anyone outside of it to comment. They mainly speak of Atlanta, and not in good terms.

  2. Atlanta is not in Georgia, it’s in the state of Fulton county, a fate so onourous Sandy Springs actually escaped in 2005.

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