6.  Thank goodness for the satirists

They must never stop:

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3.  Mysterious, yes

It takes a LOT of education — like, PhD-level education, at the best college you can afford — not to notice that, sometime around 1500 AD, White people took over the world. The break is as obvious as it is mysterious.

Well yes, if you leave the Nephilim out of the picture – positively nonplussing.

2.  Er … yes

1.  Mark of the Beast

Chip implants:

However, I’m reading a take on the the M of the B which does not put it down to a physical chip. Very interesting.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku where applicable]

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  1. 1. Produced in Sweden eh? Is that why they didn’t suffer the same draconian lockdown measures as the rest of us or is that just a coinky-dink?

    Taking that and what that Phoenix Clinic doc from the other day – Madej(?) was saying and then there’s this from Julian’s Rum.

    I think I finally discovered what [their] ultimate plan for control/mass extinction was.

    It all revolves around 23andMe, Big Pharma and Big Tech.

    And oddly, the answer is contained within the pages of “Snow Crash.” The founder of Google’s favorite sci-fi novel……

    Best get started knitting those Faraday onesies folks!

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