7. Bias

Every so often we get these rare creatures – principled men – but they eventually pass on and are never truly replaced. The world needs more Scalias and zero Ginsburgs.

6. Interesting thought from Ed

5. Next one?

4. Hydrophobic thugs

Via Rossa’s mother, apparently the thugs have called off their 50 day siege of the White House due to rain.

So they say.

3. Recycling

2. Cv – more comes out

Things have a habit, on any issue, of taking a certain direction, once things eventually come to light. Such is the case with Cv:

In order to make you aware that there are a growing number of doctors in Europe who feel that Lockdown has been an unmitigated disaster, I have downloaded an open Letter from doctors in Belgium. It can be seen here.

Doctors in other countries e.g. Germany have done much the same thing. I am putting this on my blog so that as many people as possible read it.

1. Equinox

Equinox 2020 will be at 14:30 on Tuesday, 22 September [United Kingdom Time].

[H/T Chuckles and haiku where applicable]

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  1. #5 – Easier to get through confirmation hearings but a terrible mistake. That introduction shows someone completely lacking in gravitas and depth of thought. Career success as a woman is her driving force. Dreadful and unsuitable. The fact that ‘our side’ might think a woman as a good idea for SCJ is a measure of the enemy’s dominance.

    • The reason many are supporting, a terrible reason to be sure but part of our times, is they would not get a man past the post – Dems suddenly finding raped professors again.

      Unfortunately, as you say, the reason for supporting is tenuous and the adems can easily do her for incompetence and lack of gravitas.

      • 5. Presumably there are no minority disabled trans lesbians to pick from to keep the other side happy.
        Was made aware late last night that Johnson either is or could be short of money in a personal capacity. Dunno if this is correct but it is thought that he earned around £250,000 pre his PM days from his scribblings and speaking ops, TV shows etc. PM’s salary is listed as just short of £160,000. He has at least 6 kids according to Wiki and 2 ex-wives plus his current partner so who knows how much financial support he has committed to them in divorce settlements and child support where appropriate. Dunno if he owns property in his own name somewhere or whether it was given up during his divorces.

        He gets free lodging as PM but has to pay for food. He can’t afford a housekeeper or a nanny so he allegedly claims. No sympathy for that as he should’ve thought about those consequences before impregnating CS.

        He can’t claim expenses for travel or entertaining foreign dignitaries because of lockdown so no making a few bob on the side that way or getting a few free dinners or claiming a new frock for CS.

        For a 56 year old he’s looking pretty haggard so I wonder if he is deliberately making a bigger hash of things because he wants out of the job so he can return to his former more lucrative activities to relieve him of his money worries?

        And another thing, that HS2 project that we don’t want or need that he seems hellbent on pushing through could be because someone has promised him a sizeable backhander after he leaves office. Just a thought.

  2. 5 again
    Barrett is married to Jesse M. Barrett, a partner at SouthBank Legal in South Bend, Indiana, and former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana.[66][67] They live in South Bend and have seven children: five biological children and two children adopted from Haiti. Their youngest biological child has special needs. Lifted from wiki

    Haiti connection. Clintons won’t be happy either way.

  3. I don’t like Boris at all. Recall an article he wrote for the Telegraph some 9 years ago where he mentions public concern about high immigrant birth rates in England. His answer typifies his class and James you know what I’m talking about because you’ve give us Sutherland and Blair already today? He said “nobody would complain if it were Anglo-Saxon babies”, thus implying that the two are somehow equal in this English homeland.

    Total c**t.

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