Still Tuesday

16.  Govt lost the plot

It’s not hyperbole to say I’m in shock at how the aged, kids, mothers and fathers, the poor, those working, small businesses, are being treated by this govt. Not the slightest concept of how people need to live, make ends meet, not be plunged into despair. Sending Covid positives to nursing homes!

15.  Lunchtime

You’ll probably need this:

14.  Judge not others

13.  The most heinous part

Another Conservative MP who had some forceful words for the Government was Pauline Latham (Mid Derbyshire): “There are many pensioners who wish to see their family rather than live a long life. They would like to be able to make that choice. This Government have a responsibility to listen to those people, some of whom feel passionate because they fought in the war, or their parents fought in the war, for the freedoms that we want.”

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  1. 16. Govt still has grip on plot to create chaos, emotional blackmail and other high weirdness.

    Friend in UK has been told all future doc appts would be by zoom until further notice. So what if you have a problem in the man or lady bits? Hudathunk the lockdown would potentially create a nation of contortionist flashers and the NHS become a distributor of porn?

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