Saturday too

12.  Interesting conundrum

Was William Calley railroaded? Or was it just desserts? Was it just desserts for the Iraqi? For Blackman’s shootee? And what of Kerry the politician who was, at a minimum, destroy-crazy and went out to have some fun on a village?

Naturally, as [briefly] former military, I do not condone civilians trying these things but these days, nor can one trust compromised top brass.

11.  Once is never enough

I’ve a feeling we’ve run this before but as it says in the heading above:

Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla’s top exec pay going up 400%

And on that:

10.  She makes an excellent point

To an extent, there’s a thing called self-preservation, self-defence, innit and if you’d go down without doing that, it’s understandable, if not forgivable. If there was remorse, it might be forgivable but not forgettable.

9.  The endless scroll

There are a few blogs where this is creeping in – the heading of each post is not embedded with its permalink. Sometimes, one used to go to the data below – date, author etc. and it was there but it should always be at least close to the post. Some excellent things written in this one but no immediately accessible permalink for each article:

To borrow and modify an expression – navigation does matter. Another one is where the post header does not express its content but as I do that all the time, I’d best not get on the high horse about that.

8.  Me either

7.  BBC sound effects

We’ve been dying to get these two you, now we have:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku where applicable]

4 comments for “Saturday too

  1. As is often the way I was looking into something else and this came up. It is about “Svali”. Make of it what you will.

    As I stated I’m a survivor myself. As a survivor my goal is not to have my face be seen all over the internet. Svali did an interview where she showed her face. For someone who has escaped the Illuminati she would not do this.

    Then her story; her story over the years has made less and less sense to me. I’ve found it interesting that people aren’t asking tough questions about her or to her. For instance Svali’s time line of events doesn’t make sense, why isn’t she in prison for child abuse? What about all of the contradictions?

    Disclaimer from yours truly.

    A lot of the things “Svali” has said can be verified by others who have blown the whistle. However, the author does pose some interesting questions, imo. Not just from the bit quoted but from other articles on that blog.

  2. 11. I dumped Firefox when they fired their CEO because he had donated to the “traditional marriage” campaign when it ran in Mexifornia. Haven’t looked back since.

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