People are simply not heeding lessons, warnings

Just how many sources is it going to take? Solzhenitsyn for a start:

Now an article in the Mail on Sunday:

Now come back to DR from yesterday:

Where do we even start? Rogue western agencies set up [meaning fund with taxpayer money] monster organisations such as ISIS whose prime directive is murder, rape, pogrom, taking over the west and killing off all culture and symbols of culture which the leftist young have not already destroyed.

Hitlers are encouraged …. ok, let’s stop one moment.

WW2, Hitler’s stormtroopers about to land, troops and even Dad’s Army called out, down to the beaches. Those dangerous in our society, suspect, interned for now.

Now today – invaders pour in in boats, aided by the French. Someone shines an image on Dover ‘refugees’ welcome, as if they’re refugees in any sense.

Meanwhile, the enemy here is not interned, it’s given govt posts, the young almost entirely think it’s cool to be broadminded – with monsters. They thank the young by raping them in Rotherham. Kids with no values and self-respect in the first place. Every advert is invader man-indigenous woman – anyone heard of the Nephilim?

The rest follows, as in the comment on the last post. And he who warns – want to see the expletives directed to such as him? Utter, utter insanity abounds and no leadership to say to the young – look, shut it, we are in mortal danger. Insists proper history is taught in schools, treasonous summarily sacked. Is impervious enough to ignore hissy fits from the Woke.

That’s what should be – here’s how it is:

Oh and why ‘strong city states’?  Because cities are more easily taken over – people in the country as a whole have an entirely different view and are harder to subdue.

Now let’s head across the pond for a mo and ammodotcom:

The Spanish Civil War was 80 years ago and an ocean away. But the events of this “prelude to the Second World War” might be the template for future civil unrest in the United States.

This section of the article explains why we felt this was necessary to write about now:

If the president is reelected, no matter how big the margin, there will likely be another wave of urban unrest that will dwarf the events of the summer of 2020. If Biden wins by a slim margin, there will be accusations of fraud and likely more confrontations in the streets, albeit more two-sided. It seems that the only result that would be accepted as “legitimate,” particularly by the press and the American left, is one where Biden wins dramatically.

The Spanish Civil War is known to historians, amateur and professional alike, as the “dress rehearsal for the Second World War.” It is so termed because it pitted one side – which was equipped, armed and funded by Europe’s fascist regimes (Germany and Italy) – against a government largely funded and propped up by the Soviet Union. However, it is worth noting that General Francisco Franco’s nationalist forces were not themselves fascist (though there were fascists within their ranks) and that Spain remained neutral during the Second World War, later becoming a close ally of the United States in the fight against Communism internationally.

While there are few perfect analogs to be found anywhere in world history, there are parallels between the contemporary domestic political situation in the United States and the period immediately before and during the Spanish Civil War.