Other derangement syndromes

The core dilemma with new ideas is:

1. Are they actually new ideas or are they old ideas previously suppressed and now reappearing, repackaged?

2. Are they the truth and are they ‘good’, in the sense that they can only lead to human improvement and happiness in a real way?  Or are they evil and need fighting, e.g. Islam, Marxism?

3. Who decides which is which?

The young Scot who presents the first part of this two-parter, in two youtubes, addresses the history of the various bibles in potted form, with their attendant burnings, maimings and torture as the PTB sought to suppress what then became known-knowns until late in the last century but have now been quietly suppressed again in schools, colleges, churches, a bit like HCQ having fought its way into acceptance for some time, despite all attempts at Gates/Hancock vaccines been pushed onto the unsuspecting, but then the battle is lost again.

The Scot is scathing about the corruption in the church, just as were the reformers, he’s from John Knox land after all, a land also of sophistry and mist – just as long as you understand where he’s coming from – a most useful potted history all the same.

Part one – the information war

The youtubes are short.

Part two – Margaret Court

This is a tough one, much tougher than the bakers refusing to bake a gay cake:


Margaret Court is the greatest women’s player of all time, winning 24 Grand Slam singles titles. She was the first woman in the open era to win the singles Grand Slam in 1970, and she is one of only two women to have won a Grand Slam in mixed doubles, which she did twice.

The issue is:

[Her views] on transgender athletes and definition of LGBT rights [are that they’re] “of the devil.”

Sounds reasonable to me.

In the past she has stated [that] lesbianism on the women’s tour has a corrupting influence on young players, as Breitbart Sports reported, as well as querying the validity of transgender players.

She doubled-down on her controversial views in January regarding sexuality, [saying]:

You have got young people taking hormones and having changes, by the time they are 17 they are thinking, ‘Now I’m a boy and really I was a girl’. Because you know what, God made us that way.

Well, there it is. Various comments which surprised me actually at Breitbart:

# All the caterwauling in the world isn’t going to change he fact that Court was the most accomplished champion in the history of women’s tennis. [52 likes]

# Margaret Court is not just a champion on the court; she is a champion for the right of the child to their mother and father, siblings and extended family, she is a champion for children not to be abused in schools by homosexuals and transvestites and she opposes the left’s systematic bullying and denigration of boys.

You know you are over the target when you are copping flack. The Bible begins with a symbolic story of Evil attacking the relationship between men and women that produces new spiritual life. Nothing has changed.

Right on. Having said that, two confessions. First is that, for a conservative, my views on weed are not those of other conservatives. The other is that, although I must officially align with scripture on the matter, I have trouble being nauseated by two non-butch females at it.  I should be but it does not turn me off in quite the same way.  Nor am I into it either, just neutral on it. My bad.

Having said all the above, the issue in the article was taking her name from an arena.

Need to think a moment – how would I feel, were the name that of a paedo or maybe jihadi killer or rapist?  You see the dilemma here.

We all want to be fair-minded, ‘good’ people, evenhanded, tolerant … but then we are pushed into polarised positions on things, and those tear us apart.

If N.O. did not tackle the tough issues, then it would be failing in its prime directive.

Part three of the two-parter

The wildcard from Vox, via Chuckles:


Part four of the two-parter


Blackmailing his father for being a Trump supporter:

Unless daddy changes his ways, he’ll never see his grandchildren again. Guinan oozes self-righteous hatred. The only good thing about his post is that people were appalled and contemptuous. Guinan describes himself in glowing terms:

“Trying to share my experiences in a way that might help others. I can change the world. I will change the world. Even if for a single person. He/Him.”

There it is. My work here in this post is done.

Part five of the two-parter

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  1. Part two – Wanna bet what they decide to rename the court? My bet is Jimmy Savile. Or some of the Rotherham crowd!

  2. Is that the Margaret Court Court, or the Margaret Court?
    Perhaps they want to call it the Serena Court?

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