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11 comments for “Orphaned cars

  1. I haven’t watched the video yet but can only think of what was Hillman/Humber/Singer, later Chrysler, then Peugeot. Finally Talbot, that’s when it was orphaned, no backing, no desire, no ambition. Placed in a sack and thrown into the river. Along with the rest of the British car industry. I have visions of a post Brexit Britain converting some universities into Technical Colleges teaching engineering and related trades. We will also need to teach fisherpeople (me pc see) to fish our own waters. Boat builders to build the boats to replace the rotted hulks in our silted up estuaries. Our gubmint doesn’t seem to be doing much of that, distracted as they are by a virus. Is the Chatham rope walk still in operation? You can see where my thoughts are turning.

    • “I haven’t watched the video yet but can only think of what was Hillman/Humber/Singer, later Chrysler, then Peugeot. Finally Talbot”

      I haven’t watched the video yet either. The brands you mention, Hillman, Humber, Sunbeam and Singer would have been the Rootes Group. I can’t say what happened to the other 3 brands but Hillman was acquired by Chrysler (remember the rebranding of the Avenger model in the early 70’s). Chrysler were then swallowed up by General Motors, as were Vauxhall and Opel. Chrysler already had Talbot and in 1978 Chrysler Europe were sold to PSA Peugeot/Citroen for the grand sum of $1. PSA still owns Peugeot and Citroen to my knowledge.

      Things don’t seem to be the same any more, if you Google who owns different brand names and owners/parent companies it makes your head spin.

      In 2017 General Motors Europe including Vauxhall and Opel was sold to PSA. So I think, that the Talbot brand is currently with PSA. These orphaned brands don’t go away, their names are registered with some big manufacturer somewhere.

      As an aside Andy, did you now that Brough Superior are back up? I didn’t. Apparently in 2013 a vintage enthusiast, Mark Upham acquired the rights to the name. Last year, I think, they made a new limited edition concept bike, the AMB 001 in league with Aston Martin.

  2. Jowett Javelin. Ahead of it time.
    A friend of my youth had one that he did up using parts of a pair. Cars of that era did not last long.
    It had a great specification and was good to drive and be a passenger in.

    • My father had a Jowett Bradford, with side windows and rear seat installed. 2 cylinder horizontally opposed engine and wooden boarded floor – somewhat behind its time.
      Personally I always liked Saabs, I guess they count as orphaned nowadays.

  3. The newest ‘orphan’ brand must be ‘Infiniti’ – the regrettably unloved up-market love-child of Nissan and Mercedes-Benz, featuring oodles of toys, gizmos and technology, top reliability but a marketing failure, never achieving the penetration of Lexus in Western Europe, so they pulled out and shut-up shop completely earlier this year.

    There’s some seriously good-value second-hand models in the market-place now. Lots of car for not a lot of money.

  4. Does anyone remember the Scammel Scarab? These used to come past my house on a daily basis, on their way to the railway station. Bright yellow and carrying the NCL logo. Really fascinating for me as a 4-5 year old since they were the first 3 wheelers I had ever seen. Bull nosed with a single headlamp in the centre. A few years on they were replaced by the Townsman, more triangular styled front but still a 3 wheeled lorry, and this time had two headlamps.

  5. Oh goodness, I followed a link from the Scammel to the Reliant Ant, news to me! Then on to the Piaggio Ape. The sort of things you’d find tooling around in the background of a Maigret film.


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