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Dan Hodges is of the other side. Still, this is interesting:

1.  From Gatestone

I use them sparingly but on their own backyard, they’re one of the legitimate voices in the region.

Abbas has already damaged the Palestinians’ relations with some Arab countries by condemning the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain for signing peace treaties with Israel…. Now it appears that the Palestinians are also headed toward ruining their relations with Egypt because of Abbas’s decision to make peace with Hamas and appease Iran, Turkey and Qatar.

“Qatar has provided Hamas with more than a billion dollars since 2012… Qatar did not provide these funds out of a humanitarian standpoint and to help the residents of the Gaza Strip. The Qataris did so to help Hamas and its leaders and to enable Qatar to establish a foothold in the region.” — Egyptian writer Hashem al-Fahkrani,, September 21, 2020.

“Those who believe that Hamas’s first goal is to resist Israel are mistaken. Its first and only goal is to receive money.

Meanwhile, Muslim Azerbaijan has tried to invade Christian Armenia again.

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