Lockdown [1]

A forlorn citizen tweets:

The Stasi are loving it:


Police to start coronavirus spot checks: Officers will launch drive to enforce self-isolation rules this week by calling on people at HOME as a Tory revolt on latest Covid-19 restrictions grows

– People who are meant to be self-isolating could be visited by ‘Covid police’
– Anyone contacted by Test and Trace must quarantine for ten days from Monday
– Rule flouters or companies who force workers to come in face £10,000 fines
– Government yesterday confirmed a further 5,693 cases of coronavirus
– Comes as PM is urged to review ‘shambolic’ 10pm pub curfew as streets left crowded with drinkers after last orders

From today, people across England are required by law to quarantine for ten days if they test positive for Covid-19 or are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, with rule flouters – or employers who force staff to turn up to work – to be hit with fines of up to £10,000.

The police will be used to ‘check compliance’ with the rules and will investigate claims by informers that a person who should be in quarantine is flouting the requirement.

Signalling a tough crackdown, Home Secretary Priti Patel warned last night that ministers ‘will not allow those who break the rules to reverse the hard-won progress’ of law-abiding citizens.

The Government yesterday confirmed a further 5,693 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus, creating the worrying prospect or more local lockdowns. It comes as Boris Johnson faces pressure to review the ‘shambolic’ 10pm pub curfew, which has seen hordes of revellers pour out into crowded streets after last orders.

You are well out of order, parliament will hopefully deal with you this week.

Some comments:

JoshThornberry, Kent:

If you get yourself tested or use the app you deserve it for being so stupid.

Cooler_now, Chichester:

Now we know the real reason for all those new police officers. Nothing to do with fighting crime, and everything to do with extracting fines from decent ordinary people. I could not be more angry with this disastrous government.

mariehere, Traverse City, United States:

Ok. This is out of control now. How can you Brits tolerate it? How can it possibly be done in a free country?

ntfcok, northampton:

First, scare the population. Then, make a “state of emergency” and suspend parliament. Then, get the public to submit and comply by dehumanizing them – by wearing masks…. Then, make further infringements on freedom “for their own good”. Then, bring in the police to terrorize non compliers and enforce house arrests. After the police, then call in the army, and on it goes – and we walk blindly and passively into a totalitarian state. Freedom is hard won but easily lost……

Magicsbaby, Guildford:

I still don’t understand, if the person who tests positive you last saw five days ago surely you only have five days of isolation left as you would have to have caught it the day you saw them. Contact tracers should work out your isolation days based on ten days or 14 days from last time you saw them only.. Not starting that day, makes no sense at all.. Folk will be quarantining because they saw someone ten days ago.. Starting today.. There is now almost zero chance they are coming out with it and you are stopping them from work etc for nothing.

Toad tweeted on downloading issues:

Replying to @MattHancock and @NHSCOVID19app – Struggling a bit, to be honest.

Followed by a picture of his Nokia 105.  Now that was interesting because I dumped my smartphone years back and have only a £5 antediluvian phone with no data, no camera, no anything.  However, the NHS still see fit to send me messages.

My suggestion is we go back to everything manual for some time, nothing electronic [in my case, just the blogs and Twitter] and landline unplugged. Thank goodness my operating systems are out of date.

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