Insanity, banality and inhumanity

So Heinrich says the country is at tipping point eh? He fervently hopes it is, he’s worked so hard to achieve it:

Tipping point?

Tipping point downunder?

Just a word about Elsternwick – I know the suburb, it’s more upmarket, well-heeled Jewish population there, historic homes etc. These are Melbourne’s SE inner suburbs, this is where you find the long term middle class.

That makes the incident so much worse.

Assuming here you’ve seen the OoL post.

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  1. I don’t know about the country being at tipping point but I’m certainly close to it. As they say in poker circles, I’m on tilt.

  2. “…go down under _ ….”?
    Do you mean to upsidedownland? The politicians are madder than a box of frogs down there.

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