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Afraid I have to go back to this post:

… because two tweets had me wondering:

As you can see from the name of the group, they’re far Catholic if I can use that terminology but they hold no fears for me because they are for the One True Church, they’re Knights and all that.  They’re not Gerry Adamses and Martin McGuinnesses.

One thing I do know about these Knights is that their bete noire is Masonry, just as ours is communism and for an increasing number now – the global cabal.  Thus P2 would be a sworn enemy of these Knights.  Even the Templars started out the right way but succumbed to Mammon and what they found under the Temple.

Now it’s most interesting that they should identify Barrett as a Mason.  Though women are not in the main orders, they were in Eastern Star before it was disbanded and now they call it something else I believe.  I’ve consistently called out Tulsi Gabbard as well as being Illuminati.

So let’s just go along with the OMC for now, accept their premise [some ferreting should find out] and ask what it means if she gets onto SCOTUS.

First thing is that the Masons have one of their own in there, not anti-Pope and his cabal but definitely anti-Christian if I read this OMC right.  Ok, let’s cut straight to Revelation and what happens?  I suggest SCOTUS will start giving some very strange judgements, go slow on some reforms, then when it hits the fan in Jerusalem some time from now, and the great friend of Israel goes into that new Temple and defiles it – the world might be surprised but you’re not going to be.

Why this suspicion of Barrett?  Because of a report which was very quickly removed from social media, quoting her as saying that anything the Pope said was fine. This Pope.  With the things he said – the cabal playbook he’s been spouting.

There is also the young Scot to consider.  Now he is so vehemently anti-Roman that one has to wade through all that but he still pointed out the same things that DR did – about who the hierarchy, the top brass, actually worship.

And unless I’m very much mistaken, these far Church Knights are not necessarily baddies, they may even turn out to be goodies and someone like Barrett turn out a baddy through and through.

It needs some ferreting.

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  1. It all gets so confusing. Nobody and no body seem to be what they say they are. My thoughts on freemasonry are confused. My father was a mason, I had a positive opinion of them from that. I worked on Freemasonry Today magazine for fifteen years, quite close to the editor. Nothing I learned suggested that I should alter my opinion. Yet the organisation receives criticism from many quarters. As a nominal Anglican I had many doubts about the Roman Church, fewer doubts now in spite of the current Pope. Communism, socialism, progressivism all are potentially evil, yet seeing Piers Corbyn at the anti lockdown demonstrations gives pause for thought. In the last few days I have seen some left wing sites being very critical of the current course of events regarding cv. All the more reason to look in strange places for allies. This all transcends left/right ideology.

    • Andy, the Masonry thing is easy, this blog has written much on it, many contributors.
      The Blue Orders, the first three levels, are as pure as the driven snow … brethren of fellowship. My father was one. There’s also an organisation called Rotary but that’s another topic.

      It’s after the third degree the trouble starts. The member is sounded out. Most are passed over, some are ambitious and not passed over. It tightens after that as the mysteries are revealed bit by bit, tested all along to see if he advances.

      My father got out during the blue orders.

      • Many of the articles in FMT were about the mysteries. Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome. The editor was very much into archaeology, he somehow managed to get permission to explore closed off tunnels beneath Rome. These tunnels were supposed to be entrances to the Sybils, who were adopted by Rome from the Greeks. A sort of continuation of ancient crafts. Masonry does borrow a lot from Egypt too. I am slowly learning, not so much about history but about how history is relevant to today in a spiritual sense. It would never have occurred to me that pre Christian beliefs were still practised today. Apart from neo paganism as practised by burnt out hippies and their ilk. The Fuel Project videos have got me thinking.

        One thing in particular I remember from a conversation with the magazine editor about the Canonbury Research centre in London. I asked him what they researched, his answer was rather evasive. Probably correctly I assumed that they were researching arcane knowledge.

        Much to get my head around.

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