6 comments for “5 p.m. East Coast time SCOTUS choice

    • Ok, it goes from here. We watch like a hawk – what I’m looking for is DemRats only mock attacking, Antifa BLM only breaking and bashing halfheartedly. Would confirm she’s one of Them, as the Ordo said.

      If real violence and Ford allegations and all that, then maybe Barrett is the real deal.


      • Can’t call it. Don’t know what her ruling record is. Seen rumour she’s anti 2nd A. Turned her off after she started eulogising RBG’s ” smashing of the glass ceiling” – irritating and not encouraging. See how the Dims on twitter light up tonight 🙂
        Roberts needs to go too.

  1. While men are iffy in a predictable way – money and patronage – and while women are also, women have an extra thing – femininity – and they can turn on you over some factor males don’t factor in.

    This is the tricky thing with this one – keeps her cards close to her boobage.

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