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Toad Unmasked:

Even if we reduced net immigration to zero, we would still need a huge number of new homes, and most people want to live in houses with gardens and off-road parking, not urban rabbit hutches.


This was always going to happen, in areas of high ethnic population , and the police will be powerless. It appears BAME can do whatever they choose. Our law enforcement is weakened by political correctness.

Grumpy OL Soldier on the nightly curfew in Melbourne:

The biggest issue in Victoria is that we have far left bureaucrats trying to lead us through a disaster. Talk about a nightmare scenario.

Thomas Sowell:

Education is an issue with little, if any, down side for the Republicans, because the teachers’ unions are the single biggest obstacle to black youngsters getting a decent education — and among the biggest donors to the Democrats.


Protestor: “We are peaceful! You pointed a gun at my face!”

Resident: “That’s why you are peaceful.”


If I lose my passport and come back to England on a rubber dinghy, am I entitled to a free house, free food and free money like those coming into Kent every day?

David Kurten on the Starkey effect in lost Hobbiton:

The UK does not need more intensive house building, along with an amnesty for illegal immigrants from the Johnson government. We need to end illegal immigration, preserve our countryside, and stop ruining our towns and cities with ugly densified tower blocks.


£300-a-day, undemocratic, Brexit-blocking, cronies – but @BorisJohnson wants BIGGER House of Lords.

DeAnna Lorraine:

For two months America’s cities have been burning to the ground because of this George Floyd story. Now that we see the bodycam videos, we know it was one gigantic media con job!

Eaton Rapids Joe:

Vdare recently posted an essay that pointed out the huge gap between white women’s support for Black Lives Matter (proper noun, the political organization) versus white men’s support.

The author notices that support level drops as white men and women get older and that it is highest in white women with advanced degrees.

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