When the levee breaks

Have a look at this from Dr. Bruce:

Indeed, this is a plain and obvious fact, and one that is well understood: If we respond to an irrational phobia by avoiding it, then that phobia will be strengthened by apparent confirmation of the strategy of avoidance, and the consequent lack of a possibility of being refuted by experience.

And this one, more tin tacks:

In this totalitarian world, the fear is to be singled-out as Not conforming, to be detected as Not 100% onboard with the ideology.

I’m going to make the leap to Polly’s video and a key fear she skirts around is that something you vaguely suspect, some horror beyond your imagination, as Svali said in 2000 – you shut it out, can’t confront it, don’t want to go there.

No one ‘wants to go there’, some get off on the very things they’re investigating and they’re bizarre people, but the so-called ‘fearless investigator’ is motivated by something else which overcomes that fear long enough to probe deeply. They have ‘accidents’, they get ‘suicidal’, their reputation is long ago shot.

They’re a pain for the narrative because they’re motivated by this pesky sense of right and wrong, and that certain things smell. Quite often, they’re strange people with unusual life stories but I’ve also seen Damascene moments from true believers in the lie they think isn’t a lie. And the scales fall away.

At the end of the Polly vid is a girl who was full-on Antifa but she stumbled upon something – that Clinton H was lying and that racist monsters like us … we actually were not lying all along. This is how fundamental it is just now. The levee is about to break, water is seeping through the fissures but it’s not broken yet. The MSM will be brought to account like quislings after the war for deceiving people.

The key point is that that girl was FULL ON enemy until that Damascene moment, a true believer, totally convinced, as she’d been massaged to, that we were the anti-Christs, despite everything we bellyache on about. And the Clintons – sugar coating everything in a veneer of faux humanitarianism do what has always worked until the facts finally can’t be kept back any more.

This is precisely why Yuri Bezmenov said these people will be first up against the wall. There is no enemy like one who’s woken up from being duped. This is the #walkaway movement in the States, this is why black radio announcers join Thomas Sowell in saying hey, bros, you’re being sold down the Swanee.

And us? Sure we’re still the often unpleasant curmudgeons we were and we derive no pleasure from any of it, just a nod as another and another monster is exposed.

The personal danger is real, make no mistake.  There’s something a bit strange in someone soaking up abuse, being ignored, being mocked. A Christian has God to rely on – how do the others keep going?

Dr. Bruce mentioned that the phobia ‘develops into a generalised anxiety state’ but what of those who woke up long ago and discovered it wasn’t all an irrational phobia at all – it was all for bleedin’ real and it was vile, sickening.  I never realised Savile was doing it with corpses.

And that’s the next key point – the irrational feeling of unease that it’s far worse than even we can get our heads around.

And then it actually turns out to be so.  What is that like for a Brian Gerrish or Colin Ross?  To live with what you do know … and that uneasy feeling that there’s far more.  Avoided by mainstream people.  The miscreants as safe as houses.

I’ve sometimes thought about these things but usually there’s not much time to.

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  1. Distant Relative
    July 15, 2020 at 13:46

    It’s broken and the swell is getting stronger.
    Gates and Fauci called out live on Newsmax.

    “We shouldn’t be listening to a pedophile on how to treat our kids….”


    Re Savile. Why else would he have the keys to the morgue? Reports say he visited them at night. Also when his mother died it is alleged he kept her body in his home for a week.
    Vomit inducing.

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