6. Let’s hope the backlash is universal

5. Housekeeping

Quick word about Twitter policy change here – going to run the tweet embedded afap rather than the screenshot because enough readers are on Twitter and for those who aren’t, there’s sufficient visible for the general idea in the tweet as it appears on N.O.

4. Have we looked at this one already?


Quite good.

3. Question of time before they got to Tucker

2. The situation in Oz

Always good to get feedback from Downunder:


Let’s face it, the only reason that Australia’s conservative prime minister is so desperate to grant citizenship to anyone from Hong Kong with a pulse is one last ditch effort to delay the inevitable property meltdown. Not on my watch, Mildred!

1. Health situation

This is just a thickening of throat [no cough] and the usual ears and gut follow-ons, there are ways around it, I’m following them, blogging will be ad hoc for awhile.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku as applicable]