Mission from God

Jake and Elwood in the Blues Bros were the ones I was thinking of there, also the mission of this site – to expose humbug. Simple or simplistic aim, what a mire once you try to do that.

Footballer in Oz decades ago fans called God because he had remarkable gifts on the field, strange, irascible character. There’s someone else they called God and that’s Clapton, old slowhand, and most of you know his back story of drug dependence and the rest of it.

Depp at the moment on the front pages – I read a bit but at least he wasn’t called God by people, least of all by Amber Heard.

Where’s this going? I saw a recommended video by youtube – that in itself is a fraught exercise – and the hook was ‘The Occult in the Church’. Hmmm, methought, might send that over to America and see what my friend says about it.

Someone called Spencer, calling himself One Adam Too or whatever – my first thought was that it was one of the books of the Apocrypha, which shows what I know or rather … don’t. Which also suggests – don’t ask me as an authority on the Bible, so what do you do if you want to know? You go to an expert, no?

This guy was, apparently, Southern Baptist and I’ve seen warning signs about them for a long time … from other denominations. Leaving all that aside, there were some disconcerting things straight off. First was that play on Bible books.

The second was not him – personable, southern accent, straight talking, that bit was OK. Went to comments and immediately, it was the big sell – if I’d like to donate, paypal’s our mate.

Sorry, but money and message do not mix in my book. I suppose what set me off was one of those eternal and infuriating ads just before that from some glamorous ‘doctor’ telling me not to eat tomatoes if I have arthritis which as of now I’m hoping I don’t. Supposed to have solanine and that’s supposed, according to her, to be bad for arthritis. Might be, wouldn’t know, but for the first time in a long while, I continued to watch this ad and then sure enough …

She started this Daily Express thing of clickbaiting with the hook – there ae several other foods you should not eat – then came the name of a video I could watch if only I …

Clicked out. Even if it were interesting to know, not going to, not after that.

Back to this Spencer, who was on about ‘vain repetitions’ which, as far as I can recall, is Biblical, as in a commentary by Jesus on the Pharisees who bear a strong resemblance, it seems to me, to today’s Pharisees and foreseers Fauci, Birx, Ferguson over here, that other one too. We did a post on Cv yesterday and more today, later [hopefully].

So he was going on about these American churches where they all fall about, swooning, and that seems, as a minimum in my eyes, to be a pretty dangerous thing in the wrong hands. He took swipes as well at symbolism – that’s all right – we’ve done that at this site before – but he was wearing a Nike symbol whilst doing it. Just wasn’t thinking? Maybe.

Then those comments below and it showed such a mix of obvious trolls, the converted [to his ‘mission’], some who seemed genuinely sceptical and those agreeing that necromancy and some ‘gram’ many churchgoers are apparently into, yoga – things like that – need to be avoided like the plague and immediately, those into such things denounced him as a charlatan – phew, what a mess.

Cut to Twitter and some Catholic mass in the streets, presumably because the law says it is illegal to gather, for fear of getting something some link I’ll include today [hopefully] says is bollox anyway … you’re getting the drift here.

Someone said – fine, Spencer, denounce this and that but why did you not conclude with Jesus, the One who can solve these things? Now, if he, Spencer, was devout, then surely his focus, his Numero Uno, was his Lord. If not, then who is his Lord?

The warning I got, years ago, did not come from a Christian but from a ‘faith healer’ on the other side, one of my Russian friends. He said don’t even speak the name for fear of invoking and immediately, it reminded me of those lines from Ephesians – even if I have reservations about Paul, the lines seem sound:

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. [KJV]

Works for me – I don’t name them, nor chant them. I used to name them but all that did was lead people that way. Thinking Skynet here and The Mummy – invoking things one knows not everything about. Hal 9000.

Back to that Catholic mass in the streets – it was presumably being drowned out, [presumably because I did not turn on the sound] by a black with a football airhorn and really, that was not on – either the gathering was legal or not, Plod therefore, if it was legal, needed to act on the BLMer with the airhorn for causing unrest, for preventing the mass.

All the above within the space of an hour.