The Great Lakes

The sharp-eyed will have seen the post on Lake Superior:

… and Chuckles has been kind enough to send pics of enormous size of the place. Even cut down, the size constraints mean I can only display two at a time, here are the first two:

My way of reading these, for those still not au fait, is to press Ctrl and + at the same time, four times. After reading, it’s Ctrl and – .

Malthus eat yer heart out

Just awoke again on Bizarre Sunday, the clash of the time zones.

Ok, what does one call elderly these days? Post-80 years? Or with elderly conditions in one’s 60s or what? Just being a pensioner?

I suppose I can still be called late middle but occasionally it pays to be all decrepit – either way, I’ve certainly been neglected by the NHS, thank goodness say I. Coz I do not wish to be fighting the two army officers holding me down while satan’s little nurse injects me with Hancock’s Oxford poison.

Spare a thought for these poor sods:

I mean, people with genuine conditions who would die without help and to whose toes are attached DNR signs for the everlovin’ young Tik Tok dancing nurses to helpfully bypass on their way to a knees up in the reception area to stave off boredom, for which we all come out of our homes at 8 p.m., like automatons, and compulsorily clap?

Betamax v VHS

Two things about this video – first the Sony v JVC battle but then the presenter of the video. This is the background:

In 1976 Sony introduced the Betamax video cassette recorder. It catalyzed the “on demand” of today by allowing users to record television shows, and the machine ignited the first “new media” intellectual property battles. In only a decade this revolutionary machine disappeared, beaten by JVS’s version of the cassette recorder.

What he says and some comments below pretty well cover it: