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12.  Warning

11.  Friday’s open road

10.  Cobol

Consider: Over 80% of in-person transactions at U.S. financial institutions use COBOL. Fully 95% of the time you swipe your bank card, there’s COBOL running somewhere in the background. The Bank of New York Mellon in 2012 found it had 112,500 individual COBOL programs, constituting almost 350 million lines; that is probably typical for most big financial institutions. When your boss hands you your paycheck, odds are it was calculated using COBOL.

9.  Bizarre cubed


8.  For those into the finer detail

7.  Tinfoil hatters us, can never happen

6.  Haiku sends

According to cousin Jenny, Trump knew (in September) that he might need Congress to vote him in.

Of course, USAtoday is MSM but still, that’s what they’re saying.

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5.  Dusk or dawn?

4.  Our mystery correspondent

… sends this from the med seas:

Saw this on this morning’s Sky News. I don’t know whether it is true or a typo:

3.  I wonder if John Redwood

… actually knows what Boris and Hancock are up to – Patel and Sunpak too – or if he really is this naive?

2.  Leap of faith

Normally I only pay attention to leap seconds every 6 months when the IERS publishes Bulletin C, the leap second yes or no announcement. But this week brings news from Michael Deckers via the LEAPSECS mailing list, and it relates to Bulletin A, which is why it’s off my usual 6 month schedule.

1. Who the *&^%^&* is Alice?

This is the lovely and talented Alice with kid sister Beatrice:

They’re getting positively ancient now – AG must be around 19 and BG around 17. OAPs soon, wise beyond their years.

Coming back to her topic, when a sentient human [girl over 19, boy over maybe 23] starts talking about how the pollies plus the sheeple supporting them are ruining their future, and that view is nothing to do with the Woke narrative but about basic things like homes, jobs, family, sane values – that’s when I believe we should be listening. It’s these kids’ futures we’re talking about here.

And Them are hellbent on destroying any future for the kids. I even include the young Scot in this. We pundits really should be listening to the sane kids and seeing how they are placed. We really should be encouraging sanity among yoof afap.

[H/T Chuckles, haiku, Rossa’s mother, DR and so on where applicable]

The Great Reset

The perspective of ‘our’ young Scot. This is one of the two people I quote when giving a Christian perspective, the other being the wise old man.

What we have there is one Christian’s perspective on these times – notice how parallel to and aligned with the secular awakened it is, a bit like two currently aligned orbits.

I had to rewrite this at 08:01 after (cough, ahem) actually watching the video. 🙂

The Christian aspect comes right near the end and of course, I agree with what he said, which was essentially – don’t panic. Wise advice. Do not become a headless chicken. Instead, become laser-focused on opposing the cabal and its legions.

Dusk and dawn

How would you measure when dusk actually is, ditto dawn in reverse?  Seems to me that when you need to turn the lights on inside, that doesn’t mean the dusk point.

Possible points you’d call dusk are a distinct drop in available light and at the moment, that’s around 3:15 p.m. here.  Or else when it’s no longer possible to make out objects at ground level any more down the street but can still contrast sky and land.  That was about 4:45 p.m. today.

Complications of course include festive lights, industrial flares, the overall lightening of the sky due to townships – at this moment, 11:38 p.m., I can still separate land from sky, yet it’s hardly dusk any more.

I’d go for inability to distinguish landscape features and that was about 4:50 p.m. today for us.  You?